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Attribute slot additions

Ball tracking: being able to locate the ball on lob/touch passes for 50/50 balls (pros WR will have higher tracking skill than most DBs Con: drops inaccurate route running)

Balance: being able to stay up right on your feet

IQ: replace play recognition (lower iq players can't read RPO/PA, route concept, reading def coverage etc)

Pocket Navigation: replaces brake sack ability to step around in the pocket avoid sack (add QB evasion moves for behind the line scrambling juke spin etc )

Hand Technique: replaces finesse move/ finesse blocking

Explosion: DL release

Lateral Mobility: being able to go run side to side while holding shaft button

Contested Catch: replace catch in traffic favors big physical WR/TE

Blocking in Space: affect oline in space on screens pulls etc

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