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User control versus Ratings

To me this has been the core problem behind many users issues with madden.

It’s a contentious question, how much control do we have versus how much we should have.

My solution is in another post, but it comes down to a complete redo of total player control for every player, with their position adding modifiers to those controls on top of that.

1st) defense/offense player controls -this rule governs how the player treats other players & will define their controls.

2) their position.
Now all off ball moves should be as universal as possible for defense & offense, but positions should save shortcut/quick key combo maps for moves.
- For Skill positions there are skills w/o the ball & with. & these skills should be similar. DB & WR both have ability for same movements & cuts from buttons, but they have different skill button mapping systems for their individual position. Wr skill stick & movement modifier will be for making cuts & dB for staying with/jumping cuts without the ball.
- For line play or any time 2 players meet without the ball/ it should mean that they are governed by same controls, so someone can preform the swim/spin/bull/rip moves or block, or guard, through using the games controller based movement systems without the positional shortcuts for those moves. Meaning they’ll have to manually trigger the moves’ animation sequentially.

Once done I think the issue of user control versus player ratings & the animation sequencing train will become null as players must master the physics of that player, governed by the physical skills, & then the players skill ratings govern the success of the animation, not necessarily the triggering of it as it seems to be now.

Adding on, This can create even more depth within the archetype system as different archetypes could have different control mapping shortcuts that highlight their position. With that depth I think the possibilities for madden will be next level.
Imagine a skill stick being able to be partially mapped out for different running backs/ball carriers or different types of DL/OL?
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