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Madden 21 Wishlist


I honestly thought madden 20 was the best madden yet. For me, it took a big step forward this year. With that being said, I buy the game strictly for franchise mode to play with my buddies and this mode once again lacks attention and needs major upgrades.

This series has been around long enough that there should be a full coaching carousel. We should be able to have/hire
Head coach
Offense Coordinator
Defense Coordinator
Special Teams
Position coaches
Training staff
Personnel dept.
Hire players as coaches when they retire.

Preseason-Training Camp
-Bring back training camp - it was a fun interactive way to build up players that you wanted to focus on
-prior to week 1 of preseason they should let you pick up to 4 position battles in camp/preseason that’s up for grabs. Have week by week comparison stats, etc
-Holdouts- Every year there’s a player or few that are in contract years that hold out for new contract. Same should be applied here.
Cut Day- Before final cuts are made. Teams that cut veteran/or surprise players typically try to trade them first. Vice versa. I should be able to see if I can trade someone before flat out cutting them and same for cpu teams.
-Waiver Claims - just like the NFL... a player that gets cut should go in order of waivers. This isn’t the wild Wild West. The nfl has order so should Madden franchise.

During the season.
- Trades/Trade deadline. CPU teams should offer you trades in season as a pop up menu. A revamped trade logic, draft picks are way too easy to obtain. Some players are way too easy today acquire
- All- Pro Teams
- Career Stats, Record Stats, All time stats, single season, game, career stats. Top 10/50/100 leaders. Should be way more in depth.
- Jersey Retirements
- Playoff Scenario Standings starting at week 8/9.
- Mock Drafts starting at week 8/9 via bleacherreport, ESPN, Nfl.com
- Advanced stats
- Team stats( all time win-losses, playoff record, championships, division titles, conference titles, wins against all 32 individuals opponents head to head, etc
- Player profiles w career stats & accolades, career earnings.

In game fixes/updates

-Play challenging. I should be able to pick what I want to challenge. Madden doesn’t even let you challenge half the time leas alone challenge the call you actually want reviewed.
-Injuries. Let’s make it seem more realistic w training staff, cart if needed.
-The crowd- do I even need to say more? It’s looked the same since the first version of madden on PS4. Let’s add some chants, real atmospheres, big moments, real weather with more than 4 basic options, weather delays, if it’s raining? Maybe it stops, or if it’s not snowing but it starts in the 2nd half. Sideline needs more emotion, in depth graphic, currently I see players on sideline w their numbers but no name on the back of the jersey on the sideline.
-I really liked what they did with the Xfactor. It was a great starting point but it definitely can be improved moving forward with more realistic goals, stats, gameplan. Maybe instead of asking a receiver to get 4tds or 200 yards in a random single game, maybe you have 2 games to have a chance or change it based off a quarter or half season performance.

-Personnel positions
Director of player personnel
Head Scout + 3-5 other scouts by region

-Retirement- talk players out of retirement, option to offer them coaching position or personnel position.
-Hall of fame- should have a list of nominees then you get to vote your picks, etc, etc. have a hall of game ceremony.
-The scouting & Draft needs a complete overhaul its so stale. Let’s start by adding a senior bowl, a combine, mock drafts, cpu teams offering realistic trades, rework the whole draft presentation. Following after draft. Have press conference w your rookies (at least 1 & 2nd round picks) and you can choose their jersey numbers during that time.
-5th year options needed to be tweak with the $$$. Add RFA/UFA. Franchise tag, compensatory picks, more realistic salary cap, budget, financial plan/budget.


  • I recommended adding offensive, defensive and special teams coordinators. Transfer the development perks from the head coach and move to the coordinators. Also give the option. For teams to recruit coaches and coordinators to move up to head coach or mlm ove down. A move would result in losing all development made from their former position and start over with their new. Finally allow retired players to enter the coaching circuit after retirement. Imagine Aaron Rodgers as your OC, jj watt as DC and Payten manning as a head coach.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4139 posts EA Community Manager
    Thank you for the well written post! We have a similar post for Madden 21 wishes here if you wanted to drop it in that discussion too.

    Seen a lot of requests for more coaching personnel lately like offensive and defensive coordinators. We'll do what we can to push these posts up to the team to review for future updates/titles. Thanks!
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