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What ever happened to The Dallas Cowboy Users?

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edited January 2020
I wanted to just take this time to reflect on how much 1 glitch can change the entire way the gm is played. From Day 1 Ezekiel Elliots Stiff arm was a Glitch. EA sports patches EVERYONE with the exception of Ezekiel Elliot. I remember when everyone used them and Ran right left middle all gm. When EA sports finally decided enough was enough that killed all the Dallas users. It’s so bad that I see the few that’s still sticking around using pollard instead. And the rest of the Dallas cheesers moved on to San Fran of course. Needless to say I’m glad that they did fix it before the year ended. Now if only they could fix the 10-15 other things wrong!!!!! LIKE H2H Scouting!!! Please respect us like you do the MUT users


  • No everyone ran to the Ravens and Chiefs
  • True true! But the Days of the run right run left with Dallas are over. Now you gotta defend the unstoppable Chiefs passing attack. I still think it’s more SF users than Ravens. The Ravens isn’t a good balanced team and the only ppl that use them are the ppl that’s good at glitching the spy. I’ve played guys that makes 2 spy’s look stupid. How they do it I do not know but what I do know is it’s abnormal.
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