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Easy and Quick Franchise Superstar Ability Fixes That Will Improve The Game Immensely

Why can we still not edit the superstar and x-factor abilities of our players when we play as coaches or owners. I would be such a simple thing to add that would save me a half-hour of changing the dev traits back and forth to get the one that makes sense for our players.

I'm an Eagles fan and it baffles me that Jason Kelce has the power block superstar ability even though the only problem with his game is his power. He is undersized but athletic, not strong. Lane Jonhson is not a run blocker, he is a much better pass protecting right tackle. One of the best in the league but he has the lead blocking superstar ability.

Just let us edit these for EVERY POSITION and it will make everything so much easier.

Also, let us mix and match all of the superstar abilities instead of having them in these weird categories. I mean you already have the abilities mix and matched for some players like Pat Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Russel Wilson. Russel and Lamar have escape artist in the first slot while Mahomes has it in his third slot. Mahomes has last-ditch in the first slot but Lamar has it in the fourth. Allow us to mix and match these abilities for EVERY POSITION, please.

These are very easy things to fix that will make the quality of life for franchise so much better and more fun.
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