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True Coach Mode Request

Very new to the "new" Madden generation. Used to play it years and years ago, though. However, I see that there is a Coach mode in this game. But, the coach mode isn't a true mode. You still have to control a player on def or even take the kicks. Can we get a true coach mode either in a patch or next version? One similar to the NHL series where you call the plays, adjust strategies, and the AI does the rest?


  • I 100% agree.
    I am a pc player. When they stopped making Madden on PC in 2007 is the last time I played until last year when it returned to PC. I miss coach mode; among other things.
  • Honestly, this needs to be its own game. Ea needs to really consider bringing back NFL Head Coach. Personally, I want to play the game. I don't care about mut; I don't care about bringing in revenue. Just create an entirely new game (EA: think about the revenue stream that you would generate.) so that people who want to PLAY the game can play the game and those who enjoy the nuances of 'coach mode' get to have those nuances.

    Release this game in the the spring and it will let those who need their football fix get their fix. It is a win-win for everyone.
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