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  • GIVE ME A TRUBISKY POWER UP!!!! I know, he sucked all year but it just doesn’t seem right that Aaron Rodgers gets escape artist and Mitch doesn’t. This is the only thing I will ever ask for from EA
  • @EA_KRAELO i have asked about this multiple times and nobody has responded. Adrian Peterson cannont be upgraded fully without his player from the gingerbread man set. Currently there is not a single way to obtain that player if you have completed the set previously. I am not asking for the gingerbread set to be reopend because of the problems it may cause. Simply can we gain the ability to upgrade him fully with training. I have contacted EA Help, and they told me to get in contact with a member of the studio team to see if i can be granted the item since they didn't have that power. I am upset because you guys put ALOT of focus on theme teams on stream and the fastest available running back for my New Orleans Saints theme team is unobtainable because of a "loophole".
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