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Little help?

Can't load a downloaded rookie file. I've tried multiple files and none will load. It shows 5 in "my downloads " but I can't save or delete them. When I go to "load and delete files" nothing shows up. When I'm in my franchise season it allows me to load them but then all that show up are auto rookie class. No matter if I use the ones I've downloaded previously or download then again. Any help would be appreciated


  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, @PiGFiSH26

    The team was made aware of this a while back and have made back-end fixes to help address this for those having trouble downloading or uploading them. Can you reply to this post here with the details I've requested and let me know which platform you play on? Any information on what you've already tried so far like clearing the game saved data, reinstalling, etc. can help us narrow down the root cause. Thanks for the report and it's unfortunate to hear you're impacted by this.
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