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Madden 21 Wishlist



  • Let us see online H2H compare stats and history and cumulative stats not just last opponent. Like we could until '18! And put back weather and challenges back in. Like we could until '18! And let us save depth charts . Like we could til '21!
  • jezatron12 wrote: »
    Oh and also, it would be really good to be above to edit stadium, field art etc.

    In the case of the existing nfl teams, it would be amazing to be able to set the teams and league up to all be using their 1990s jerseys as default,and put the teams in their correct divisions, for example, and chose the matching branding for their end zones etc?

    Editing stadium would be great!
  • jezatron12 wrote: »
    Agree with comments above about game play issues

    In terms of franchise and customisation options... things I would love to see...

    Create a team
    Free type city name, with commentary for some options that are doable

    Logo and Uniform templates and colour picker (NHL does it).

    Ability to create / upload logo would obviously be amazing but not sure we will get that

    I’m expansion options PLEASE have other WLAF cities to go with monarchs and have uniform options that are true to their uniforms. Would be amazing to have all the nfl europe/ wlaf teams Orlando thunder, NYNJ knights, Barcelona Dragons, Scottish Claymore etc as options. NFL license surely covers the use of their logo and uniforms etc?

    League/ tournament / division editor - it would be good if you can create teams to be able to modify the structure of the league and divisions, schedule rules, play off rules etc etc

    Desperately need to refresh how the madden generated draft classes are represented! Don’t need to see the same white guy with dreads. Can you not use proceedurally generated rules to give actual variety?

    Totally agree with this, especially create a team
  • Restore regular online H2H how it was in '17 and make it real again. Put history stats scouting weather challenges injuries saving depth charts and whatever other else they removed back into '20 '21 next gen with patches.
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