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Madden 21 Wishlist


  • NatureBoy2323
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    My wish would be that all the progress a person makes on the upcoming Madden 21 game (this fall) on current gaming systems would carry over to the new systems when they are released later this year.
  • With the passing arch, set and throw a fade in the corner of the endzone where only my guy can catch . (P.P.P-pin point passing!!!!!) continue from old text!!!make passing a challenge or at least fun, have the same lines like in the kicking game or(mlb the show pitcher) red for bullet blue for lob, you could preset before the snap for an down and out or corner the endzone. right analog would controll the lines, right trigger(lob)right button(bullet) but the lines would follow the receiver but if you wanted to lead -low-high-preset-behind shoulder you could do with the right analog, this could also vibrate with rookie qb-crowd - weather- passing on the run, maybe the control would be as the qb gains confidence ,short passing to build this up, vet qb much better. Sensitivity could be adjusted or built though game plan of short passing like real life.. This is nothing like the vision cone,but for a second the def could see the line where the qb is looking, so you could look a cb off of the def. could play the qb eyes. This would need a little more time in the pocket but this can be done with the Al , the last passing icon we had a few years ago just took to long and hard to set up, this system you could again preset before the snap to where you want to throw, or don't lead the receiver and just hit- cirlce-triangle ect.(ps) right button or trigger. I sucks just throwing to square and hoping the ball is where I want it, corner of the endzoe other the being short and picked off. I believe this could make this game truly fun ,weather,crowd,young QB now become a factor in the game as it should be. Def. could shake the screen like(basketball game) if at home and in the kicking game(field goals- instead of "ice the kicker". Does anyone agree with me,please let me know and maybe just maybe EA will put this in the next GEN!!!!
  • Bring backs.
    Regular Team play
    Directional passing like Madden 11
    Getting coins for MUT in any game mode
  • I have quite a few problems with Madden and things I would like to see added for the next gen.
    (Mind you I am strictly a offline Franchise user)

    Starting with Off season,

    - More realistic contract offers. Free agency is always overpaying for players. I want to see more realistic deals for guys as well as battles for players. I would like to see veteran players sign with teams with better records, in hope to chase that championship.

    - Make the NFL Draft three days long. Use the current schedule; Day 1 Rd 1, Day 2 Rd 2-3 and Day 3 Rd 4-7. After each day there could be a recap of the players selected and you can get a chance to see who went where and decide if you want to trade up the next day.

    - More realistic drafting. While I think the formula should be best player available, if a team just drafted a QB the year before, they really shouldnt be drafting a QB again the following year.

    - Revamp the scouting completely. Points are stupid because by round 4, you rarely have any players scouted and dont know anything about them.

    - Training camp and practices in general need an overhaul. Have players in shorts and practice jerseys doing 7v7 with no tackling. QBs in red jerseys and nobody can tackle them.

    - Every week get a breakdown of your opponents strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own and how they match up. From there you can put together a game plan and put in more or less of plays that YOU think will help you win. Have certain 3rd and long plays as well as goal line. You can either choose to follow your game plan or go full playbook depending on how that weeks game is going.

    - Pre Season games need to be different than regular season. We should be able to set a 1st, 2nd and 3rd team depth chart and be able to switch over to the next without manually having to change every position. Also tone down the injuries in pre season. While guys do get hurt in pre season, starters arent going all out trying to kill each other. Simply tone down the injuries and have occasional injuries during pre season.

    - If you continue with franchise, have real schedules. I hate playing just one year after the current year and as the Giants, I close the season out against like Green Bay. It is supposed to be division games. All they need to do is just copy the last 4 schedules per team and repeat them every 4 years. I wouldnt mind playing the same schedule every four years because at least its a legit schedule.

    - Game play, Id like to see weather games actually matter. Sloppy play, dropped passes, players slipping making cuts, maybe even give the home team a slight advantage because they are home and are used to it. Even in rainy games have the WRs and HBs ditch the gloves.

    - Give me back full control of the player I'm usering. If I'm playing safety and his zone is deep half and I decide Im going to blitz, so be it let me without any hesitation. Whatever the reason is, Madden today feels too much like you dont have control of your player and the computer is going to force you to do something you dont want to do.

    - For division games, a recap of the first meeting earlier in the year would be sick. Dont even need highlights, just the graphic showing score, pass yards, rush yards, turnovers ETC. Makes division games have a slight different feel to it, making division games a bigger deal is a huge thing to me. Maybe even add the teams record under their icon on the scoreboard?

    - Player intros in the beginning need to go. I dont need to see offensive lineman dancing. A picture of the starting players heads will do more than enough because thats literally what they do in the NFL.

    -Lastly, make the Super Bowl matter. Change the feel of that game up. Have cool pre game highlights and even a panel of people predicting the winner. Also, can they please start keeping track of who won the Super Bowl? If you want to go deep into franchise (Which they give you zero reason to do so) knowing who won the Super Bowl each year would be a nice touch.

    Sorry for long post, just a few of my wants and possibly needs.
  • *MUST HAVE* No huddle quick QB sneak play. What's taking so long to put this key play into the game?

    Keep the franchise legacy uniforms after relocation- when relocate & change team name in Franchise mode, should still have original uniforms as alternate options (e.g. Oilers option for Titans)

    Bring GameFace back to Madden to upload pics for custom players

    Get rid of the head coach animations at the office. Its glitchy (e.g. ghost using cell phone) and only cool first time seen for few minutes. It's a waste of resources. Spend that time and data elsewhere - specifically:
    1. Fix the custom playbook audible situation. I dont remember the last year of Madden that all the audibles I set for my custom playbook actually stayed there. Most do but not all. There are just certain formations I know I'm not going to have my audibles, sometimes there's missing plays.
    1b. Ability to create own formations & plays.

    2. Super Bowl Champion boost.
    Every player that wins SB has a Ring icon (or Lombardi trophy) and x amount on his main player page (similar to how stickers were counted on NCAA Football) tracking how many championships each player won over career. The more rings, the more of an impact player has on rest of position group, off/def, team (morale, awareness, free agents, rookie development, etc)

    3. Mentors - certain veterans (e.g. 10+ years exp w/ high awareness & morale & Star develop trait or higher) can help develop younger players at same position. Adds value to the aging backups. This could also be worked into the commentary. (e.g. the rookie safety says Eric Berry has been one of the biggest factors in his development, spending extra time with him watching film; teaching better technique; conditioning & dealing with injuries, etc.)

    4. The commentary still needs a lot of improvement. There can b contradictory things said back to back. (e.g. RB had great performance last week followed by they got him involved at times but they need to use him more to get better production; after a 9yd run commentary says stopped him behind the line again as his nightmare game continues, etc)

    The half time shows are another waste. I always skip them. A weekly wrap up w/ highlights during the main weekly menu might b better option. Especially, if show some of the college prospects' highlights and news. Ability to tag certain teams or prospects to see those highlights/updates instead of watching all of them.
  • ONLINE H2H - Oh, and while we're at it, put back in more and realistic penalties, weather, the ability to challenge plays, and injuries, all of which also disappeared when the compare stats and history features disappeared in '19 and '20. Pretty obvious that H2H was just gutted for some reason that was never announced or explained by EA.
  • We need true coach mode where players cannot be controlled after the snap. Lots of online leagues waiting for that. We also need Commissioner to have full control of everything in online franchises so he can over ride something a member of the league has done that might not be in line with league rules.
  • SlashLN2
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    In addition to my long posts on the topics I made about the game I'd like to see some other stuff in Franchise
    -AI teams changing their lineup based on player performance. Using the Titans as an example Marcus was dealing with injuries and performance issues and Tannehill came in and played well and took over the job. This is such a common thing in sports so I don't know why it isn't implemented. Position battles on AI teams would add an interesting element to the game and potentially strengthen trades and the free agent market.

    -Retired jersey numbers.
    -Historical franchise stat leaders. Give you players something extra to work to.
    -Ability to offer retiring players a job on your staff.
    -Expanded staff similar to that of NBA2K only with more assistant coach slots. Go back to OC, DC and special teams coaches like in the past. I'm sure some people would like to expand it to even specific position coaches like a QB coach, a linebackers coach and whatnot which I would be ecstatic about but that may be too much for some people. The OC, DC and special teams coach is a good compromise.

    -Playoff stat tracking. Again to borrow from NBA2K, at the end of the season switch over to playoff stats. Start at zero obviously and have a secondary stat line like 2020 playoffs. Then add it all into your career overall numbers. It's super dumb to pretend the playoff stats don't exist.

    -Use the training system from NBA2K. Get rid of all this XP nonsense and let players naturally progress. Set how you want your team to train. Set specific areas you want a player to focus on.

    -Playoff-centric commentary. It's weird hearing them talk about "next week" for a team that is about to lose or hear the Charles Davis line about needing points for the end of the season in case there is a tie breaker.

    -Add sponsors as an additional source of revenue. If you build a new stadium allow a deal with a sponsor for naming rights. Relocating a team to Chicago and having your stadium called Soldier Field is a little bit annoying.

    -Bring back the pictures on the concessions and merchandise. It's a small thing but in the past some teams had Pepsi or whatever and some teams just had generic soda pictures. You got to see what the different foods looked like.

    -Give the ability to adjust injuries. I like to put together a team of rookies and play their careers out. Since the trade system is still garbage I had to do a lot of manipulating to get guys who were hurt all season because I couldn't just put them on my roster before I started the franchise.

    -Pro Bowl and end of the year awards still make zero sense. They definitely aren't based on any logical numbers that add up with what's actually happening in the season. TEs need to fall into one of the categories or have their own award as well. Plus don't some of these awards have actual names?

    -Use a trade system similar to the NBA2K trade system. Don't base it all around the trade block. In real life teams contact other teams and ask if a specific player is available. Plus the trade finder in the 2K series is nice because it gives you an idea of what teams are willing to offer for someone that you have and what they want for someone that you're trying to get. Also trade logic is still absolute garbage. The trades aren't realistic.

    -Add player morale and team chemistry. It gives us something else to manage in the mode.

    -Allow us to set our custom playbooks to our team so we can actually use the sub system.

    -Substitutions still don't work right, especially with the o-line men. I've done various settings and they still don't come out of the game. My back up players still play the whole season with zero plays. I've done adjustments to where I have and 10 point variable to when they come out and go back in and I've done adjustments to where I have a five point variable. I've adjusted to where they come out at 70, 75,80 and 85 and not seen a change on them coming out. Running backs, WRs and TEs all switch out like they're supposed to but OL, DL, LBs all stay in all game. It's hit or miss on Safeties.

    -Since there are already rights to use certain retired players they should be available in all modes. Especially if you can use them from their rookie age and ability and play their career out in the modern NFL. What would a Jerry Rice or Barry Sanders do today?
  • There's only ONE thing I care about having added to Madden, and that's a DRAW YOUR OWN PLAYS feature for online H2H competition. They haven't had this since the original John Madden Football.
  • Chase5307
    3 posts New member
    I'd really like to see EA add the Buffalo Bills solid blue socks in Madden 21.... I know this sounds silly or stupid but the little things like that drive me crazy. I'd also like to see them add the real coordinators in the game when hiring coaches, i think that make it even more realistic. just my 2 cents... What do u guys think
  • MADDEN 21 suggestions
    -New broadcast team (Jim Nantz, Greg Gumble, Ian Eagle, Tony Romo, booger McFarland, Al Michaels)
    -CBS,Fox,espn,nbc,nfl network broadcasting
    -Sideline Halftime and post game interviews/ new half time format (espn 2k5)
    -Medical staff comes out to field for injuries
    -Different ref face scanning and refs actually throw flag/ female ref
    -Bring back Coin flip on field/captians on field
    -Bring back QB vision from madden 06
    -SuperBowl post game redo and celebration( t shirt, hats presentation of trophy walk, mvp presentation)
    -Starting line up introductory presentations (cbs, fox, nbc ,espn)
    -AFC/NFC title game trophy presentations
    -Too many men on the field penalty; illegal use to hands penalty, 10 sec run off, illegal contact,
    -unsportman like conduct
    -Injured reserved for franchise mode
    -QBR added to stats presentation
    -End of game meet at the field with coaches and security staff/exchange jerseys/ associated press
    -Training camp drills/ weekly training drills; (madden 06)
    -Practice jersey for franchise mode
    -Arrival to stadium presentations
    -Use practice players in practice mode for franchise instead of having them as eligible
    -Real life Milestone tracker in franchise mode
    -Coach firing based on performance (black Monday)
    -add coordinator coaches profile to staff (offensive, defensive, special teams) MLB the show
    -Kicker readiness during 2 min warning, end game or OT (MLB the show)
    -QB readiness before game; 1-5 throws (MLB the show)
    -Bring back fight for fumble
    -Players hold football at kickoff if to windy
    -Introduce NFL combine mode during off season instead of long shot story line or Arcade mode
    (40 yard dash, bench press, vertical jump, drills)
    -NFL draft presentation for your #1 pick on stage walk and jersey presentation
    -Offsetting penalties/ fouls by both teams
    -Bring back player pump up/quite crowd with R3 button
    -1st down and 4th down celebrations
    -Compensatory draft picks for franchise mode
    -Power rankings during franchise mode
    -Players Positioning by (LB, QB, SAFTEY) defensive and offensive players signal in motion for alignment
    -Sideline Coats when rainy or cold
    -Incentives in contracts for franchise mode
    -Guards can tap center for snap count at noisy stadiums
    -post game media press conference (NBA 2k)
    -Push the pile for RB
    -Sideline report for injuries of return status
    -Pre game signature moves/warm ups (dak Prescott, JJ watt, Brady run out)
    -Fix crowd (fan presentation) less fans for rain, snow games, and before/ half time; not all stadiums full to capacity/fans involved in touched celebration( player hands fans balls, leaps into crowd, Gillette stadium endzone, cowboys entrance w/ fans
    -Salute to service attire, my cause my cleats, pregame fly over at kick off weekend and superbowl
    -XP for halftime adjustment options by coach ( boost player moral, coaches, team)
    -KR/PR trick plays option
    -Espn/CBS Sunday NFL countdown presentation (ESPN 2K5)
    -ESPN sky cam
  • Can we get more hustle on picks, players get up to slowly
  • fix MUT match making so overalls are more even than lopsided
  • Every year bad teams are looking at coordinators,
    Steal something good from the NCAA games add offense and defense coordinator as a starting position let me earn my Head Coach position.
    Also put more into broadcast camera angles and halftime show if it's in the game it's in the game right stick to that motto
  • make scouting better
  • I want to provide you all with some suggestions for Madden 21
    1. I think it will be a great idea to add the option to challenge the play and head to head online play.

    2. I think it will be a good idea to decrease the quarterback ability to Fumble when scrambling with the football and leaving the pocket.
    3. I think it will be a great idea to cut down on the amount of interceptions and tip ball assistance from the AI especially when the ball is about to hit the ground.
    4. It will be a great idea for you all to increase the receiver ability to maintain possession the catch when being contacted by the defender as there are way too many drop balls in Madden 20 when receivers are being contacted by Defenders.
    5. I think it would be a great idea for you all to make the speed consistent and in line with the actual individual players play in real life. Some players have the ability to out run other players getting the ball immediately in Madden 20 and I don't think that's truly consistent with the speed of each NFL player.
    6. I think it would be a great idea for you all to decrease the ability of the artificial intelligence within the game play overall for Madden 21
  • Please!!!! Please!!!! Please!!!! bring back team creation please
  • Jeremiah757
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    edited March 2020
    1. Complete visual on all transaction, we need to see what was edit, who edit and when and how much. You know the 5W’s. This keep people honest in CFM. A lot of lgs are not honest.
    2. Better XP system instead of that random one you have now. Give us back the choice on how we want to upgrade our players. I think you was on the right track but key attributes like speed should be increased even more.
    3. Most important. We are sick of a 3 day fantasy draft drafting players. Bring something different. A easier way. My opinion is that create a different type of franchise a salary cap or draft champion i with only active players and we can do that every season or start from there this also helps people to cross over from CFM to MUT or whatever which brings in money. I’m thinking the commish can set a cap and players can learn the importance of choosing what holes to fill and what they can live with. This will be a very cool option. This will keep people from complains about all these 99 overall teams. This will be like a NO XP lg meaning whatever you pick you have to finish out the season with or you can change them.
    4. Bring back the player interviews we use to love that having a player make comments and get asked questions
    5. Cool down rule. We like that you guys made a introduction in madden 20 but we will like to see it in CFM in madden 21. 50% of CFM leagues have a play call rule you can’t run the same play back to back let the commish set the cool off. We will love to see this on the main stage with top pro players. You will have a lot more people interested to crossover and compete which means more money.
    6. The ability of a owner to update his jersey or create there own team jersey
    7. Change logo
    8. Create a team
    9. Create a option where you can submit the top 10 plays of the week and the commish can select which ones they approve and make a highlight video for everyone to watch.
    10. Better training explain what beat what. This play is meant to stop outside runs or this play is meant to stop inside zone or this play is meant to stop corner routes or deep routes. Something like that or explain what each zone mean. A purple does this a hard flat does this a cloud does this or what the difference between a deep half or a deep third. If you going to make it noob friendly then make it noob friendly not change the game play.
    11. Fix your zone coverages why is it that a purple gets beat by a corner and out route when that’s his responsibility but he drops down to the drag and the corner is left wide open. In my opinion if you going to have them drop down the they should touch the person running the corner route before he drops down
    12. Have to option to select your X factor or abilities when we unlock them. I have Wr cooper he have slant abilities and I don’t call slants its a waste. And it’s hard to trade him because he has a huge contract. Or they have some rookie they using.
    13. Stop giving low overall players in late rounds high speed because what people are still doing is getting these guys with 99 speed and it’s easy to get X factors upgrades on them next thing you know you have a beast wr. But if you still do it then the shorter they are the faster they are. With a low overall. And the taller they are the slower they are.
    14. Better scouting. We all know madden 20 scouting was a complete bust this year giving wrong rating and all.
    15. Being able to scrimmage with your team vs another user in the lg to practice with. That is a very cool option.
    16. Creating a playbook. when selecting a play have option where I can practice that play right then and there and not have to select a play then go to practice mode and if I don’t like it I have to go back to the playbook option and delete it. It makes it more convenient for us all.
    17. Have a option in CFM no custom playbook. Like the cool down play call.
    18. When you join the lg the commish can post the rules on the game so you can read up.
    19. Bring CFM to MUT people always been wanting to play in a lg with there store brought teams.
    20. I think you should slow custom playbook in MUT. You will have people run several different plays and keep a cheat match instead of everyone running the same plays and the same playbook.
  • all of those things are fine but, if madden doesnt fix the handicap logic or "dda" none of those things will matter. Because even if game play issues were modified to what we all need, if the cpu still has too much of a hand in the success of a play, then, we still will get the weird unfair happenings during the games. Literally, purple zones WILL stop corner AND comeback routes-- only when the game is playing normally. If the cpu is in cheat mode for one player/user/team, then NOTHING will stop corner routes. (or any route for that matter) because the computer will consistently make your ai players not defend so that the person you're playing against is successful on that play because of whatever algorithms created to keep people chanting might not be that good consistently wanting to play the game. Honestly, I can rattle off 4, 5 sometimes nearly 10 wins in a row, then, what happens? 4 or 5 game losing streak. And its always nonsense to the point of the game seemingly malfunctioning for you to lose lol
  • kennybolo20
    116 posts Member
    edited March 2020
    Every field Goal should change the kick meter so it’s random from all previous madden release

    Sideline and presentation need a lot of work and stop putting ea sports everywhere in the field we know what game it is already and how about showing more stats with different graphics all the time .

    Why during franchise the score of teams around the league don’t show who’s possession it is . Little things like that adds to the simulation

    More weather effects and better crowds not everyone is going to wear the home team jersey or even a jersey

    2 minute warning always skips the highlight making it seem off . When you skip halftime the host talk about you skipping it which is very stupid and cringe

    Ratings need to matter doesn’t make sense to make a 99 qb that gets caught from a 315 nose tackle

    A Defensive back shouldn’t be able to defend two receivers at the same time it’s unrealistic unless you gamble

    Need more tackle animations instead of having guys stand around when you try to join the pile

    Stop making my defense push the offense forward for the first down when tackling

    Too many tipped interceptions the ball seems to be a magnet

    I have countless videos of my dbs stoping and standing still to let the cpu receiver make the catch

    Show boating is very choppy and not smooth it’s like you get a sack or touchdown and the player has a slight delay like he forgot where he is

    Make games show the difference in the crowd if it’s a low rating game

    More relastic contracts with the ability to spread out the payments if you cut a player early

    Bring the franchise radio back from madden 05 and newspaper

    Change the interface for the whole game it’s slow and buggy always delaying

    Only put hall of famers on the cover of madden

    More effort in franchise mode or just sell a cheaper version for franchise only no online but 60 to have mut and online included

    Add wayyyyyy more host with wayyyy more lines so every week you hear new things always even by year two

    Add more in game sponsors so we don’t have to be stuck seein ea sports plastered everywhere in the stadium

    Get rid of frostbite it was overhyped and graphics wasn’t nothing to talk about

    Go back to old dline moves or change it because to tap a button that appears when the game choose seems very cheap

    Make cpu become smarter so if I go into the next week with a receiver that just got 5 touchdowns make them from the start double team or try and bait me to get a pick . It’s stupid to break records with one player and the game doesn’t adapt during the game or following weeks

    Better online blocking it’s embarrassing how a football game can’t get the basics right after decades of release . Why when I double block a player my tackle would just leave the outside backer blitzing when there’s a online with no one to block that should just shift over and pick up someone instead of letting me get sacked and have them watch

    Zone coverage is too weak and man in unreliable at important times

    Change player celebrations to the specific personality I shouldn’t see Tom Brady doing a dance or Greg Olsen doing the nae nae smh

    Cpu shouldn’t be able to run outside like reggie bush in college

    Height needs to matter in Bomb passes not to where it’s a guarantee but a 5’9 corner shouldn’t be grabbing picks over my 6’5 mike Evans that is what you call a mismatch!

    Stop the Superman tackles ! If my player does a animation as if he was hit by a truck then he should be injured or fumble so to see some of these tackles on every drive gets stale it should be only a few big name players able to lay you out and when they do it can risk injury or fatigue like a high risk high reward

    Stop making players stick like glue when running the ball on both sides im forced to be stuck to the oline while I watch the qb stand next to me and on offense I have to deal with my running back getting sucked up

    Host needs more dialogue and special guest

    Make the game soundtrack add new songs every week or every month to keep the songs refreshing

    Season goals seems pointless and events

    Morale needs to matter getting everyone on the same page with the same personality or goal should take effect so even if you have a player with high personality if you’re winning he shouldn’t complain or want a trade as much

    Please please please have a chemistry bar so if a qb and receiver keeps connecting week in and week out there would be less mistakes less drops and less over throws while if you forget about other players they get cold and can start the next game cold or second half of the game cold

    You should be able to try and sign any player you want unless there’s a rule I don’t know about like the nfl but in madden there’s always like the certain week given for specific players

    Have the ability to sign old star players who’s aging at a cheaper price if they see you as a potential team in the Super Bowl ( if you already have star players )

    Have a ego and humbled meter so a high ego player would want more touches and pat stats while a humbled player cares about winning

    If I’m up by 40 in the game the cpu and my team should automatically take starters out so nobody gets hurt . Why keep a star qb in when you’re down by 40+

    Sometimes I also have a issue where I’m kicking and the bar skips and messes up or when I start a new connected franchise certain players aren’t hurt like jpp on the buccs will move to a left backer then a new franchise he’s on the right

    In the nfl players will get traded for picks past 2nd round and be good talent but in madden you would give two first and a 2nd and still can’t get a top talent why !? Especially if the player is older and no penalty it shouldn’t be hard to make that trade unless it leaves them with a huge hole but if the team isn’t making playoffs and rebuilding then I don’t see why in some cases

    Can some games feel like a rivalry if in the same division or a playoff or even better how about if you get a top player from a team and when you play that team you got him from the crowd will either hate him or love him depending on if he asked for a trade or if the team traded him

    Where’s the offensive coordinator and defense ??

    I don’t want to see the football going through hands anymore like ghost

    Stop making players run to the wall on touchdowns it looks outdated

    With the whole virus issue going on maybe ea should just keep updating madden 20 while working on madden 22 release honestly there’s just too many issues to fix
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