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Good Slot D

What is some good D or settings I can use so I stop getting burned by the slot


  • EA_Blueberry
    4769 posts EA Community Manager

    Do you swap your fastest CB to the slot position when the game starts? I generally put my fastest CB in the slot since the outside receivers will likely have some safeties over them.

    Try a 3-4 odd Cover 4 drop Show 2. Take control of the safety on the side the slot receiver is on. Bring him straight down behind the CB so it looks like you're going to double-team him. I'd initially follow him and then break off towards your assignment. You might need to do this a couple times and maybe you'll get burned on it, but the goal is to bait your opponent into thinking you'll break off because of your tendencies but they'll throw it straight to you for that sweet sweet interception.
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