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Face of Franchise

Just finished my face of franchise career. Probably didn’t stick to normal conventions. Only played 14 seasons. All with the Dolphins. Won 6 Super Bowls, and finished with 591 TDs, most all time. Here’s just a few things that I noticed.

1, the player degradation toward the end of the career, is pretty quick. I went from a 99 to 89 in 3 seasons. And it was pretty noticeable, the moment I hit 500 TDs, my ovr started to decrease. It felt like, you have that many TDs, you old now.

2, other player development was very lacking. At one point there were no 99 OVR players, and the top guy in the league was 96. Number 2 after him was 94. So there was no dominant players.

3, No ceremony at end. When I retired, I was hoping for a press conference and maybe a picture of me with my HOF bust. Maybe resolution on who the dude in the bathroom was at the start. There was just a screen that told me I would be considered the 11th greatest all time player and once you do this, you get booted out of the mode. Nothing else, very disappointing. This included the moment, I passed Brady for most career TDs, it just told me that was my 40th TD of the season. An announcement on the scoreboard, a Text box, anything. No effort in the end of your career.

Overall I still enjoyed the mode and look forward to it next year. But I’m hoping they make these improvements, cause until they do it will be a very incomplete mode of the game.

And stop the ties and teams getting a new stadium when the current one turns 20. The last year I did was 2034 and the Colts were about to get a new Stadium.
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