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PC | 28/32 | CCFL - NFL on Madden 2020 | The Leader in Online Franchise since Madden 2002|Coach Mode

The CCFL (Coaches Club Football League) began in Madden 2002 and has had the same Commish since that time. Half the league's coaches have been with the CCFL since 2008 or earlier.
The CCFL - NFL on Madden uses the NFL GM as our GM, so you Diehard NFL fans will always have your real authentic NFL roster. None of the teams in our league have all their talent traded away or a mess in their salary cap situation.

The CCFL plays one game per week, and two season per year.

We Broadcast all our games on Twitch so we can scout our opponents each week. Interested coaches should be aware this is an adult league, with many members with real coaching experience. Competition is stiff every week. Our custom rosters compliment our amazing 2020 sliders for the best game experience in Madden 2020.

Here is a video of our Commish Show which talks more about our league: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/494752445

Stop by Discord to claim your team -https://discord.gg/BNCkz4n

Since in our current CCFL - NFL on Madden 2020 we use the NFL GM for all Trades, Free Agency signings, Cuts, and Drafts I have decided as Commish that next season I will allow owners that meet certain criteria to own more than one team. I expect this to be a major draw for active coaches that enjoy playing more than just one game per week. We don’t have to worry about having CCFL owners making trades to themselves anymore so I thought this might be a great way to fill up the league and reduce CPU teams.

The criteria to own more than one team is:

- The Coach must have consistently scheduled and played games

- The teams must be in separate conferences (AFC/NFC)

- The Coach must be approved to own two teams by the CCFL Commish

- The Coach MUST be broadcasting AND saving games on Twitch OR at least have an active plan on how to get there ASAP. This is crucial to our growth as a league.

- The Coach must have demonstrated good sportsmanship and been in good standing in the CCFL in terms of following rules and guidelines.

- The Coach must have displayed a competent level of coaching and love for the CCFL

- Coaches that own more than one team may either use the SuperSub account or buy their own second account for their second franchise games

Enjoy a preview of one of our CCFL games - Super Bowl 3:



  • w0rked
    2 posts New member
    Don't join this league you wont enjoy it.
  • This is now at least the second league you have managed to whine and get yourself kick out of for acting like a child. We go back to Madden 2002 kid and we don't want kids that whine after losses. It's not our fault you couldn't win a playoff game this season. Since you have gone out of your way to try to hurt our league, we will be adding you to our Bad owners list on EA and letting all the other leagues we work with know what you are all about. I'll be linking this pathetic attempt as well to show how you treat people after you act like a crybaby and quit.
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