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AI Offseason Logic/Franchise

It’s very frustrating CPU teams have little to know logic when it’s comes to signing FAs, drafting players, managing cap space, or trading players. This is a major problem for franchise and EA almost makes some of these things impossible, there’s absolutely no way to structure contracts, they are extremely backloaded and they don’t offer options for players or teams. You also can’t cut injured players but considering an offseason takes overs a course of a few months but one advance only a week off a players injury making it impossible to get cap relief for a player like Jordan Reed... The draft logic is absolutely abysmal, my latest draft Jerry Juedy dropped all the way to 28. This game mode needs so many fixes it’s hard for me to believe they can do it in one year which is why they should’ve made changes the past 3 years. I’m so frustrated with EA and I just wish they would listen, if they would implement half our ideas it would make franchise 100 times more immersive. Meanwhile MUT receives updates monthly similar to Fortnite and all franchise get is fixes. Please EA, listen to the community or give up the license.
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