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Pls help! Madden 20 MUT Auction House suspended?

May someone from EA assist me into resolving an issue w/ my account please?

Recently, just last night I signed into my MUT account & I noticed that I was unable to access the auction house. I am completely unaware of the result in this action. I don’t indulge into any suspicious suspected activity playing the game of Madden. I’ve spent entirely way too much money playing MUT this year just to be deprived from the Auction House & I really don’t appreciate being prohibited from the Auction House for no apparent reason. I enjoy the MUT content this year & that’s exactly why I’ve spent thousands of dollars in this game. I enjoy ripping packs and pulling cards. I would really appreciate if someone from EA would give me a genuine response & look into this matter to resolving this issue for me as a valued costumer. I don’t get a chance to play the game often as I would like but it’s also upsetting logging into my account knowing that you’re deprived from something that you’ve spend a substantial amount of money on. I appreciate it.

PSN: Qp4185


  • EA_Blueberry
    2059 posts EA Community Manager

    It's quite possible your account was hit with a false positive action and needs to be manually reviewed by our Terms of Service team if you feel your account was improperly sanctioned. When accounts are actioned though, an email is sent to the email address registered to the account. Be sure to check the junk and spam folders in case the email was routed there too.

    I'm sorry to hear about the unexpected impact it's had on your MUT experience but assure you our Support team will help assist you in this.

    Please contact our Terms of Service team here
  • I've checked my emails and I didn't see anything. I will reach out to the support team. I appreciate your reply and response to this matter.
  • I know your pain, I was just hit with the same suspension. I do as well buy bundles and sell the cards I don’t use. I don’t use any bots or buy coins. I’ve contacted EA help and the Terms of Service. Did you ever get a result or answer about it??
  • Yes. I've contacted and submitted to the EA help/Support team. I have yet to receive a response from anyone and it's been two days now. I have a 14 day suspension which is completely absurd. I wouldn't have anything to complain about or attempt to dispute if I knew that I was guilty of not abiding by the rules. A full two weeks is a bit too steep/harsh and especially from a valued costumer who've spent a substantial amount of money. I'm sure they can pull my history of transactions and see that as well. Plus, in the automated email, it stated "Coin Distribution" (sending). That doesn't make sense to me. I wouldn't send anything from my MAIN account that I PURCHASE PACKS from if I did indulge into that type activity.
  • Yeah I got the same thing “coin distribution” and sending in the email. I’ve emailed them yesterday and today and will continue to email them everyday till I hear something back. It says you get a response in 72 hours which is more than likely false. I’m the same way, spend money on bundles to help improve my team and sell other cards, and I get banned. But yet that have people promote 3rd party coins for sell and nothing happens to them. Too me that’s such a double standard with the rules. You ban loyal customers but allow people to break the rules just because they advertise the game. If you find out anything let me know. Hope this gets resolved fast for us but yet again it’s EA.
  • You are absolutely correct and I concur to that. I will continue to do the exact same thing and I'll let you know if and once I get a response.
  • Hey was just letting you know I got an email from the Terms Of Service team. Basically just saying they are still looking into it and that emailing them everyday has got their attention. Just figure I let you know.
  • I appreciate you reaching out and keeping me updated. I will continue to do the same thing and I haven't received anything back yet. It's funny how I can't even check my status on the emails that I've submitted. It says the page is out of commission. Hopefully, I'll hear back soon. I feel like they'll respond at the last min when the suspension is damn near over. I'll let you once I hear back.
  • This is what I sent them and Idc that I posted it here either. I'm beginning to become very upset b/c I have yet to receive a reply/response back from the support team within the last 3-4 days as STATED. As an adult, I despise the feeling of being treated like a child when I spend my hard earned money with this company and then surprised with a random act of a 14 day suspension for "Coin Distribution" (sending). I am highly upset about this entire circumstance b/c you all don't seem to care or value your customers who spend a substantial amount of money with this company. I am positively sure that you all can review all of my transactions and see where I purchase tons of packs/bundles playing Madden Ultimate Teams. 14 days is a bit too steep to automatically prohibit someone from the auction house and especially without a notice of some sort of warning. I would understand if I was guilty of these actions but I have not indulge into any suspicious activities playing this game. The auction house is the best feature in MUT and I have no desire to play this game anymore without being able to navigate/explore the auction house even though I still took the initiative to continue to buy packs after a bogus suspension! There are far more people on social media w/ a higher reputation w/ some sort of platform who stream the game of Madden and they ADVOCATE these coin buying websites in their videos & I don't see these individuals receiving any sort of suspensions/bans! Those are the people that should be targeted and not people like myself who are loyal and spend their hard earned money w/ this company. I've been playing MUT since Madden 15 and I have never received a suspension of this matter. Please resolve this issue thank you.
  • I received an email from the Terms Of Service team and the same thing was stated to me as well. It was also stated that they were going to close out the multiple cases that I've submitted since they've finally replied.
  • Yeah I got two EA help how we doing surveys yesterday. Filled them out and keep asking about this. This is getting old. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. I think they need to investigate before they do these ❤️❤️❤️❤️ suspensions.
  • Have you heard back from anyone yet?
  • So I emailed the Terms team twice, created more cases, and tweeted the community managers and nothing. So I talked to EA Help this morning and told them that their website states a EA advisor will message me in 72 hours and someone will email me within 5 business days and I’ve received nothing. So he explained that my case is in Tier 2 which means the game developers are looking at it right now. I have a feeling I’ll get a response after my two weeks is up and I will have been suspended for two weeks for doing nothing wrong. I let EA help know my frustration about everything. So if
    I don’t hear anything back my Monday I’ll be talking to them everyday and complaining how they ban innocent people and they don’t follow their own rules.
  • But the EA Help person marked my case as urgent, so we will see what happens.
  • I sent another email as well. I am going to do it again and I have spoken to someone from EA help as well via before the emails. The only the they were able to do is tell me the reasoning at the time. Plus, that's exactly what I said, is the fact that I know they'll come around once the suspension is over with but I let them have it again.
  • Monday I’ll be talking to EA help again. To get a status update. This is getting ridiculous.
  • I received another email response basically stating that they've notice I've submitted multiple cases and they're going to close out those cases. I'm beginning to think that email response is automated as well. This is God awful.
  • Yeah that’s all I get, since I send them an email everyday explaining how they are wrongfully banning people. But once the weekdays come I’ll be talking to EA help everyday. I have a feeling we won’t hear anything till our ban is over.
  • More than likely... The sad part is, they know damn well that this is a common issue.
  • Called EA Help again today, basically said that my case has been elevated and I’ll here something back before my suspension is up but I highly doubt it. If my suspension is up before I get a reply back it’s gonna be messed up.
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