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Pls help! Madden 20 MUT Auction House suspended?


  • EA_Blueberry
    2076 posts EA Community Manager

    Glad to hear you're getting traction on this. Please keep everyone updated here if you can. We've been passing along everyone's feedback about this to our internal teams to make it a smoother experience in the future.

    For anyone just joining us in this discussion, I haven't posted this link yet but it goes over the rules for Madden and has information on how to contact our Terms of Service team if you feel you've been banned/suspended by mistake.


    Thank you for your patience while our teams work to get through all of these inquiries.
  • @EA_Blueberry I have to call everyday to get traction on this. Your website states that an EA advisor will contact you in 72 hours after you email them. Nothing happens. No email, no advisor. Then your website states that you will be notified by 5 business day, and nothing happens. No response. Why does EA say this buy doesn’t follow their own rules?? You expect the players to. I’ve been wrongfully banned and have contacted the Terms of Service team twice, and even used Twitter to get a response and nothing. My suspension is up on Thursday but yet nothing. So I’m being patient with EA wrongfully suspending my account even I’ve followed the Terms of Service. I thought we were innocent until proven guilty. Not guilty until proven innocent. It’s been what 8 business days and no one can respond to me or take 5 mins out saying hey we got your case we are going over it. Really not that hard. Care to explain on any of these topics??
  • @EA_Blueberry and also you say for the community to be “Patient”. But you punish loyal players then make them wait and wait. When we do and ask questions, you just tell people to be “Patient”. You say you want our feedback but then when we offer your feedback you delete posts because myself and someone else where wrongfully suspended and we are frustrated because no one is doing anything about it. We can only be patient for so long.
  • Qp33zy64
    15 posts Member
    edited March 11
    That is absolutely correct. @Jack4AU01 @EA_Blueberry

    I am emailing you guys once again and my account is still suspended from the auction house in Madden 20 MUT. I still have yet to receive a reply back from any representative from the support team regarding this subject of matter. It's been TWO WEEKS now and my account is currently still suspended. I've sent a substantial amount of emails to this dept and your terms state that someone will reach out to me within the next 72hrs after submitting a case! I was active the night of Feb 25th and my account was suspended some time after 12am Wednesday morning on Feb 26th. I received an automated email notice from EA at 2:57am informing me about the suspension. That means my suspension was active some time before Feb 26th, 2:57am.

    You all suspended myself and a numerous amount of other active MUT players in the community on false actions (Coin Distribution) due to your automated system! I know you guys are consciously aware of this common issue in the community but yet and still, you all sit back committed to doing NOTHING but stating that you're investigating people's accounts. There's nothing to investigate when you have absolutely done nothing but abide by the terms/rules & spend your hard earned money that you worked for on PACKS/BUNDLES!

    There is no PATIENCE. Let me ask you all this question here. Are you guys going to compensate us for waiting after a longevity period of time for being prohibited from the Auction House on false actions? I highly doubt it. It's evident that you all aren't going to reply/respond back to any of my submitted cases or anyone else's... So w/ that being said, LIFT MY SUSPENSION. This is GOD AWFUL and you all wonder why players in the community devote and give nothing but harsh criticism as feedback and consistently comment negative derogative remarks at this company via social media because you all don't give a damn!
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  • EA_Blueberry
    2076 posts EA Community Manager
    Jack4AU01 wrote: »
    When we do and ask questions, you just tell people to be “Patient”. You say you want our feedback but then when we offer your feedback you delete posts because myself and someone else where wrongfully suspended and we are frustrated because no one is doing anything about it. We can only be patient for so long.

    We don't delete posts if they have negative feedback, as long as it's constructive. We'll remove posts/replies that fall under violation of our forum rules though.


    I understand where you and others are coming from in terms of expectations on getting this addressed as quickly as possible when you feel you've been suspended by mistake. I'll always give everyone that comes here the benefit of the doubt they're being honest and we sincerely apologize if your account was hit by mistake when it's all said and done. The team currently handling these requests are attempting to get to them as quickly as possible, however due to the significant amount of disputes that are being submitted to their department these investigations are taking much longer to process than normal. Again, thank you for sticking this out and continue to keep an eye on your email for correspondence from the Terms of Service team. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for taking time out to write to us on the forums.

  • @EA_Blueberry so it takes 14 days for someone to investigate a wrongful suspension??? smh.... how do you know where we are coming from if we follow the Terms of Service and get suspended?? Is your account wrongfully suspended?? My guess probably not, so you don’t know really where we are coming from. It’s the simple fact that your website states 72 hours and 5 business days. When really it’s 14+ days just to look at an account. If the team is so backed up, maybe EA shouldn’t just hand out suspensions without the proper proof and evidence. So that way loyal consumers like me and @Qp33zy64 aren't put in this situation where we have to email and call EA everyday just to get more than “the team is looking at it” or “be patient” or any other pre-made response that benefits the company while the consumer suffers. EA doesn’t have a formal complaint department, but the FTC does. We just want things to be corrected. Here is a piece of constructive criticism. EA needs to work on their servers after last night Golden Ticket fail. The content this year in Madden 20 MUT is an epic fail. The game mechanics are an epic fail. Plus your ban waves are an epic fail. Worry about the stuff that matters. Have a wonderful EA Day!!!
  • @EA_Blueberry What is going to happen to my account now that it's been over 14 days and I am still prohibited from the auction house?
  • @Qp33zy64 so I called today. I’ve officially given up. When I ask about it they said my account has been suspended for 12 days when I was notified by my console on the 27th. I’m done dealing with a never ending battle. I’d request a call from EA Help and see what they say. So basically we will be suspended 15, 16, 17 days on a 14 day ban. Proof that EA doesn’t care about us.
  • Qp33zy64
    15 posts Member
    edited March 12
    So, I finally checked and I am back in commission but that doesn't mean that it's over. I still want something done for being wrongfully suspended. @Jack4AU01 That doesn't make sense to me. The very first day that you are banned is when the suspension count should take place. What day did you actually get banned to your knowledge? From what I encounter, it seems they're making you wait the extra day after the 14th to lift the suspension at 12am. Which it is now 12:09am for me. I noticed that my account was banned the same night I played after I signed off and logged back in which was Feb 26th after 12am.
  • @Qp33zy64 im glad to see you are GGs now. That’s good. I was banned on the 27th around 1345 in the afternoon. I didn’t get my ban email until the 28th around 2 or 3 am. Yeah I was told if you are wrongfully suspended that you will be compensated. But the Terms team just got to my account yesterday morning. Then the EA help just hung up on me in mid sentence. But again congrats and I’d try and find out what causes this to happen.
  • @Jack4AU01 Compensation huh? They will say anything but take no action and I have yet to receive any email replies although my suspension has been lifted. Is your account back in commission?
  • Nope, I got an email from them though. This is what they said I did, and I quote.

    Promote, encourage or take part in any activity involving, hacking, phishing, taking advantage of exploits or cheats and/or distribution of counterfeit software and/or virtual currency/items

    So I think today is my 14th day by their non counting standards. I’ll call them today and just ask when is my suspension up. They probably got mad since I filed a consumer formal complaint with the FTC and California AG office. Since EA doesn’t have a complaint office.
  • So my account is fixed and I’m back in action. Happened around midnight like you said.
  • How do you call EA today is my 14th day from suspension I opened a case on the 2nd but no response. I was suspended from the auction block for 14 day for "sending coins" wich I have never done. I spent a ton of money this year and sold most of the cards cause they were not the cards i wanted. How long is the 14 days actually last?
  • EA_Blueberry
    2076 posts EA Community Manager
    How do you call EA today is my 14th day from suspension I opened a case on the 2nd but no response. I was suspended from the auction block for 14 day for "sending coins" wich I have never done. I spent a ton of money this year and sold most of the cards cause they were not the cards i wanted. How long is the 14 days actually last?


    Our Support team can be reached by phone at Help.EA.com, however that staff is unable to overturn any suspensions or bans to set clear expectations for you. They'll gladly help you with any account related inquiries, but our Terms of Service team will need to be contacted if you wish to dispute any suspensions or bans placed on your account.

  • I logged into the game today and message popped up saying my account is locked from auction house permanently.
    This is the email EA sent me:
    "Because your account was involved in using unofficial or modified clients, we've banned your account from accessing the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) 20 Transfer Market through the Companion app.
    I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I "DID WRONG". I sent help request to EA & opened a new case but heard nothing back yet.
    Only thing I can think of is maybe im not allowed to access Companion app from my cell phone but that is the only device I have it downloaded on so IDK!
  • @L1L_Mu66zY_505 your 14 day suspension is really like 16 to 17 days. You can ask EA Help when they have first started your suspension. Then add 15 days to that. Around midnight you will be able to use it again. Been through this all ready with EA about this. There is literally nothing you can do.
  • Does anyone know what I need to do to get my account fixed? My 2 nephews (5 & 7 yrs old) are mini "MUT Heads" & they look forward to being able play especially now that schools in Maryland are going to be closed for foreseeable future. It will make my 5 & 7 yr old nephews VERY SAD if our acct isnt unblocked by EA.
    I went on EA website & sent a help request but have not heard back from them yet.
    If anyone knows what else I can do to resolve this please let me know!
    Thank you,
  • CrisHirtes
    1 posts New member
    I have been having the same problem. It’s been almost two weeks once I have gotten a auction ban. And you know what is absurd, is that I bought two 12,000 madden cash bundles the night before they banned me. It’s almost been two weeks and EA has yet to help me with my situation. I don’t know what else to do or where to turn. Is there someone here that can help me.
  • EA_Blueberry
    2076 posts EA Community Manager

    Did the email state you were suspended for 14 days and what was the date of the email?

    Due to what is happening in the world right now we are seeing more users jump into our games and some players that have been taking a break are now jumping back in only to see they've received actions on their accounts, so it's a combination of active and returning users contacting our Terms of Service teams to dispute these actions. They are attempting to work through these cases as quickly as possible. Only our Terms of Service team can manually review your dispute to determine whether it was a false-positive.

    Thank you for your patience waiting for our teams to address your request.
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