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Great Online Franchise

A league of 10 (owners), in the midway point of their 1st season, looking for more people for the immediate future.

8 min qtrs, 20 sec clock
Custom sliders
Salary cap on, but every player gets 1 created 99 overall X-factor.

Each division has at least 1 team. NFC East and AFC North have 2. Any team available team can be selected. We have a realistic draft class with actual college players. We've got a great group of guys who are serious about playing, having some friendly competition, but also like to goof around and keep things light.

We play a minimum of 2 games a week, though it's usually more, with each deadline being a Wed and Sun, at 10 P.M. EST. Again, usually we play more than 2 games per week so those days do fluctuate, but the time stays the same.

Anyone interested DM me or say interested in this thread so I can add you.

We've also got a discord for the league, so I can add you to that as well.
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