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Madden 20 Golden Ticket Program Details

143 posts EA Madden Community Team
edited June 16
Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

We wanted to take a moment to talk about how the Golden Ticket program will work this year in Madden 20 so that you can better prepare and participate next week.

Players will be able to participate in the Madden 20 Golden Ticket Program by playing Limited Time Ultimate Challenges that will be available for 1 hour. The dates and times the Ultimate Challenges will be available are below:
  • Tuesday, March 10th @ 9PM ET
  • Friday, March 13th @ 10PM ET

Each day we will be giving out a total of 5 Golden Ticket collectibles on Xbox One and 5 on PS4 for a total of 20 Golden Tickets. Similar to the Nike X Madden Air Max 90's Ultimate Challenges, the Golden Ticket program will not be available on PC due to logistical reasons.

The format for the Golden Ticket Ultimate Challenges will be a full game with 3 minute quarters. After completion of the Ultimate Challenge, you will receive a reward that will either be a coin quicksell or the Golden Ticket collectible.

Our teams will be monitoring who received the Golden Ticket collectibles. Our goal is to reach out to all players that received Golden Ticket collectibles by Monday, March 16th through their Madden Rewards e-mail address to get information on about the Golden Ticket they would like to create.

We will outline in the form what rules apply in regards to Golden Tickets, but we wanted to share some early information about these rules.
  • Golden Ticket players must be built off a base player item that has already been released in Madden Ultimate Team this year.
  • Golden Ticket players cannot be players that have retired from the NFL during the 2019 season (In other words, Legends are good; however, players who retired this year are not).
  • Golden Ticket players cannot use Icons from the Superstar KO mode.
  • Golden Ticket players will get a physical chemistry slot.
  • Golden Ticket players will get a team chemistry slot. Team chemistry will operate the same way it does for the Veterans program in that the team chemistries available will only be those that the player played for in the NFL in a regular season game.
  • Golden Ticket players will be stand alone player items and will not be eligible to go into Power Ups
  • Winners have 10 days from being contacted to finish designing their Golden Ticket player. If a winner is unable to finish designing their Golden Ticket player in this time period, they will forfeit this opportunity
  • Winners get to choose which Tier 3 Buckets they want available on their Golden Ticket player. The only restriction is it must be from an archetype from that position. For Example: Winner could choose for Michael Vick to have a Field General, Strong Arm, Improviser and Scrambler QB ability bucket
  • Golden Ticket Players will receive a 4th ability slot.
  • Golden Ticket Players still need to hit the thresholds for abilities. For Example: Winner could choose Tom Brady but it will be difficult for Brady to achieve the speed requirement for Escape Artist.
  • Physical ratings will be handled by the MUT Team but winners will be able to choose up to 3 skill ratings they want to see boosted.
  • Golden Ticket Players will not be a Limited Time (LTD) item and will be in packs for the remainder of the year with an increased opportunity to pull them from packs the first 48 hours after their initial release in game
  • The Madden Ultimate Team reserves the right to refuse any Golden Player ticket selection.

Please note that Golden Ticket player creation will be based on a first come, first serve basis for Golden Ticket winners. This means that whoever contacts us first is guaranteed to get their choice of player, but this may not hold true the further along we go in the process. There will be no duplicate Golden Ticket players on the same side of the ball.

Depending on how quickly we receive Golden Ticket player information after contacting winners, we are looking to release 2 Golden Ticket players every Thursday. Make sure to follow @EASPORTS_MUT for details on when the first release of Golden Ticket players will happen.

We look forward to bringing back Golden Tickets this year to Madden Ultimate Team! We hope you do as well.

- The Madden Ultimate Team
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  • TankD04
    1 posts New member
    Trubisky please he will never get a good card and it will be cool for a bears theme team
  • Curtis Samuel for panthers theme team
  • tbnr12
    3 posts New member
    cam newton for panthers theme team. But please drop a CJ2K Golden Ticket.
  • tbnr12
    3 posts New member
    Josh Allen golden ticket or even a Daniel Jones
  • tbnr12
    3 posts New member
    Josh Allen escape artist, dashing deadeye, gunslinger. You can change a Golden tickets archetype for abilities
  • boomingshot
    3 posts New member
    edited March 9
    Why are you pretending like PC doesn't exist? Nice [Removed - CM] EA
    Post edited by EA_Blueberry on
  • BeltFedSoul
    1 posts New member
    Great...I work nights and won’t be able to participate.
  • What are these so called "logistical reasons" Golden Tickets can't be on PC? I call shenanigans, EA!
  • Torrey Smith?
  • greentmeds
    2 posts New member
    Man could imagine MVP Mahomes with escape artist, gunslinger, dashing deadeye, and hot route master? That would be endgame.....
  • I want to do a Stafford with Escape Artist
  • EA, why are PC players getting no chance to create a Golden Ticket?

    I paid for Origin Premier, I pay for packs occasionally. Is there a reason we are not getting the same opportunity as consoles? I am just as equal a player and human as someone with an Xbox or Playstation. In fact I also have both of those but I chose to play on PC when you started offering it last year.

    I just want to be treated the same. We already get shafted on pack odds due to a lower player base, but outright removing any chance to pull a GT creation is not fair.
  • I was so happy when they said they were bringing back Golden Tickets recently.

    Fast-forward to yesterday when they said PC version cannot pull any chances to create a Golden Ticket.

    I am a PC player since they brought Madden back last year. I used to be Xbox all the way until then.

    I love playing on PC but we keep getting the shaft on promos. We already have lower pack odds because not enough people pull packs compared to Xbox or Playstation. But now, it seems like with any promo, we are left out in the cold for no reason than "PC". Didn't get the chance to earn giveaway shoes, heck, we didn't even get the solo challenges the second time.

    Why is it being offered at all and taking my money if we get treated completely differently? I love the game even with all its faults, but EA doesn't seem to love me as much as someone on console.

    Is my money not good enough? My time spent on the game somehow lesser?

    I know EA is a big company, and maybe PC population is lower overall. But we exist. We're not 0.

    We're paying for the same game but not getting the same thing.

    I am just tired of being left out because of the platform I'm playing on, even as it is 100% offered by the company with no disclaimers.
  • 275226
    1 posts New member
    Add Zeke he deserves a better card
  • Can we at PC at least get the Coin QS cards?
  • dmckie55
    1 posts New member
    So, you are excluding gamers in Europe due to the timing of the events. I feel let down.
  • dtms1989
    6 posts New member
    It's not specifically stated, but can we request a position slot so we can have an Eagles Fullback? Blount being able to switch to FB perhaps?
  • twotwoLGM
    1 posts New member
    What about some time slots for Europe?
  • EA_Blueberry
    2359 posts EA Community Manager
    edited March 9
    twotwoLGM wrote: »
    What about some time slots for Europe?

    The dates and times the Ultimate Challenges will be available are below:

    • Tuesday, March 10th @ 9PM ET
    • Friday, March 13th @ 10PM ET


    Where are you specifically located in Europe? UK time is 5 hours ahead of what you see displayed above. (Tuesday it would be 1AM UK Wednesday to the best of my know. I recommend checking a time-date converter online to verify due to recent daylight savings time changes over here and keep a close eye on our Twitter channel for updates on when it goes live)
    Post edited by EA_Blueberry on
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