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So during these onesided games that many of us complain about, what I notice is a lot of nothing being done. Its especially evident when you're on the receiving end of this phenomenon while on defense. I looked at highlights of a game today where a guy, again, ran the same running play over and over. What I noticed is that on ever running play in which he got positive yardage, my ai players didn't interact with the ball carrier. They'd be in the right positions but they would either run the opposite way or just sort of bunch up in front of everyone but NO tackle animations would happen from any players.
Also, pressing O or B on xbox wont result in you controlling the player nearest the ball a lot of times.

Now, the most flagrant example is when you're usering a player to pursue the ball carrier and the one ai player MIGHT pursue with you will often seem to slow down or take a bad pursuit angle. It's hard to explain but before you begin to control anyone in the vicinity, the cpu players will seem to correctly chase down the runner but as soon as you gain control of another player to help, the cpu players will literally slow down or start on a new and bad pursuit angle.. it's the silliest thing ever to have in a game. Can this be corrected?


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Our Game Changer @NatureBoy2323 just posted a new Tips & Tricks video on how to stop the run. Based off some previous posts of yours I think this one will be super enlightening, let me know what you think. He goes over adding Inside Stuff as an ability for his MUT items, coaching adjustments, and substitutions. Some slight on the field adjustments and your opponent is going to have a long day.

  • therealsmartboy
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    what I'm speaking of has nothing to do with "run defense" and everything to do with the very scripted game play in madden. So, if at all possible, let's talk about that and what causes it

    In the above clip, there is very blatant warping which happens in nearly every game. Luckily I was still able to get the sack, but that was really one of the only times something good happened this game. This was a game in which I had 5 or 6 fumbles (although I had my run style on conservative)
    During this game, no animations would trigger in the A.I. players on my time nor the players I would user. So, when a bad pass was thrown and the cpu would let me run to where the ball was going, regardless of the button pressed, no swat or interception attempt would be made.
    Apparently, cover4 out of dollar and quarters defenses is very popular. Normally, in a heavyset, you should be able to run the ball on a team with all 180 pound defensive backs in the game-- NOPE!
    This particular game had corners block shedding tightends and the pulling guards-- CONSISTENTLY.
    On the other side of the ball, because of the dda programmed into madden, he could get no less than 5 yards each run play, be it out of gun bunch, or strong etc etc. Why? well because the a.i. on my team would not pursue nor interact with the ball carrier.. Theyd either run into the ball carrier and no tackle animation would happen or, they'd literally run the other way, off the screen where you wouldnt even see them.

    So, let's start here before we start talking about tips and tricks. I've posted complaints in other areas of this forum and was reprimanded.. This particular section is called feedback.. so please, let's address what it is I'm giving feedback on

    And this isnt a complaint over a loss, as it's just a video game. But, considering I paid $70 or so for it, I want it to function properly. I've played sports games in the past and other ones currently that dont have the issues madden does
  • 100 Percent agree with this Guy! (Realsmartboy)
  • EA_Blueberry
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    If you have some footage of runs you want to review I'd love to discuss that. You're using a popular defensive blitz above which the offensive player should have either moved his RB over to the left side where you were clearly blitzing or swing it to either the WR on the flat or RB on the swing. I'm still not sure what outcome you were expecting out of that play. Did you want the outside linebacker to be picked up?
  • it's not a popular blitz... it was just cover 3 and I blitzed extra backers bro.. mainly because he was running the ball each play and getting 5 and 6 yards because of the shifting of my ai players each play. The same way they shifted in that video is how they were shifting in the run plays. Had he ran it as opposed to trying to pass, he would gotten another positive play
    @EA_Blueberry when the game plays like this, its frustrating because the cpu takes the control out of the user's hands. There are no controls programmed in this game to recreate what just happened on the above video; all of the glitches and scripting is purely up to the CPU's discretion.
    if maybe you guys could talk to whoever at EA who handles these things, it would make the gaming experiences a lot better
  • but to your question, what I want is for the random warping and disrespect of the gaming physics to stop. The ai characters should behave the same in every game. The user control should be the same in every game as well as button command response. Far too often, there are games in which the cpu nerfs(dumbs down) one sides ai players and completely augments the other's-- regardless of ratings. In those games, there are moments in which the usered characters wont even respond to buttons pressed... it's not a fun experience
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Do you use CB blitz, edge blitz, or pinch dog? I wouldn't go with Cover 3 Sky if they're picking up 5-6 yards on you every play.
  • the plays have no effect on these things bro
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