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Remedy for playing vs the 9ers or Chiefs Every gm

I know that this is the absolute worst time of the year to be playing Madden H2H. Even if I hv to tuff out the rest of the year with this problem maybe it can be fixed next year. Every other gm I play is against KC or San Fran. I have the option of playing vs the hard rollout with no QB contain No look 80 yard post plays that out run the zone or The I-form Run right left middle throw short repeat. Can we please be able to see our opponents TEAM before entering the gm? This gives us the option to not play the same teams every gm. It’s no fun when you’re playing guys that use the chiefs and all his plays work 100% of the time. I just looked at the top 100 and it’s a guy in there on a 112 gm Winstreak. How? I’ll tell you how, he’s using the same Geeked up Team and spamming the same geeked up plays from YouTube. All I’m asking is give me liberty to decide wether or not I wanna play this User/Team.


  • Bzera21
    4 posts New member
    I second that. These geeked up unbeatable teams to try and get you to spend all your money somyou have a chance to compete is beyond out of hand. It’s exactly like he says. Same plays over and over and over again. Has ZERO to do with skill.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    @botravis @Bzera21

    The team had that in the game in previous titles. One thing to keep in mind that with lobbies like that, you're removing players from the matchmaking pool because players are sitting idle, so it results in games taking longer to start up.

    From personal experience I remember some players took forever to finally decide what team they wanted, sat idle on the team they selected but never hit the ready up button, or waited until you selected your team and then tried to swap real quick to the Pro Bow team (or high rated team) last minute trick you.

    I fully agree with you on the fact that it can get tiresome to play the same NFL teams over and over again. I'd love to see a randomized team option or something division based to add some extra randomness to it.
  • I don’t necessarily want a lobby. It would be nice to go back to the old gladiator days where the lobby made men outta Scrubs. I just wanna be able to see my opponent and their team. I know you understand what I’m telling you, you just don’t play enough for it to effect your gaming time that you do play. I’m on vacation and I play all day everyday and EVERY gm is vs the Chiefs and the exact same 6-8 plays every gm. If I could seee the chiefs before hand I could exit and not have to worry about that. The chiefs is the only team on the game that allows you to get 100% alllllll of the passing cheese. Basically if you pick the chiefs you get all of the cheese that “Your team” tries to eliminate.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    Are you a competitive person trying to climb the ranks? If you're looking to absolutely win every game as your goal it shouldn't come as a surprise when others are using the best teams in the league too. Do you ever mix it up by playing as the worst teams in the league to make that win ever more satisfying at the end? Also a great way to explore some playbooks in the process.

    I might have not said it clearly, but not an actual lobby where everyone is hanging out. In the past titles you would go to online H2H and when you selected to play it found a game for you where two players would cycle teams before hitting the button to confirm you're ready to play.
  • Good Question Blue, That’s exactly why playing vs the chiefs is such a problem.80% of the time I play as the JETS,Steelers and other Bottom half teams. And yes I’m as competitive as it gets. I’m currently sitting at 194. I’m not willing to play as the 9ers and run run run every play. Nor am I willing to play as the chiefs and learn the Rollout deep post throws to Hill. I guess asking to see the cheese before I get Locked in a fight with The Cheese is too much!
  • Do you ever mix it up by playing as the worst teams in the league to make that win ever more satisfying at the end? A

    I would prefer to play the flavor of the month: your Niner, Chiefs, Ravens and Saints instead of the bottom feeders. The guys that play with the Dolphins, the Bengals, the Skins. Now, those are the most likely the guys who will smoke you regardless of who they play with.
  • I'm also a top-ranked guy and I second what this guy is saying. Madden was the best when you could challenge guys in lobbies because the highest ranked guys were always going at each other and the games meant something. I dont know if EA_Blueberry has communication with the development team or not. But there is an easy fix to what he said: Just put a shot clock on the team pick screen. That way guys can't just sit there. I play a lot with the 49ers now because I don't want to completely sell out and use KC. But ya I'd say 80-90% of my games are against SF or KC. I'd rather be using other teams, but to be competitive in this game you can't use teams like PHI against these teams and win consistently. Occasionally I will switch to a "fun team" and but then I get squared up with the #1 guy rolling with KC. The whole blind pairing thing is ridiculous and I haven't heard many complaints about the old way. Lobbies were super dope though. Would love to see them back.
  • Perfectly Stated Hawk! We can only pray they LISTEN. On another note it’s a Guy using KC that’s on a 130 gm winstreak on PS4....SMH SAD!
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    Glad to see others jumping in on this. I'll do what I can to relay your thoughts up to the team. The shot clock and ability to uncheck the teams you don't want to play against are interesting approaches.

    What do you all think of a random team selection option?
  • I initially liked the Random Team option but that way you’re still going to run into Crazy matchups. I think the best solution is to Award the Minimum number of ranking points when using the Cheese team of the year. Make no mistake about it, it’s not the TEAM it’s the fact that everyone sells their soul to win so they jump on the wagon. Which is currently CHIEFS/9ers. Which in August to November it was DaLLas.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    Maybe if they're the Chiefs and you're a team like the Bengals, Dolphins, Redskins, or Lions you don't lose that many ranking points but gain much more than usual if you pull off a win? That way you're going into the game as a huge underdog but stand to make a lot of points from it?

    My other thought is to have random matchups always be "even" where each team is only 5 OVR ratings from each other, that way you will avoid the situation talked about above.
  • Right! The top Idea is the best. Apply more points for using the lower rated teams and minimum points for the the powerhouses.
  • hawk4813
    19 posts Member
    edited April 2020
    In my opinion the Chiefs stand alone as the "cheese team" because their offense has no limits. The 49ers are really good with individual overalls, but we all know Madden is about how individual players impact the game. Like, Goodwin is one of the most valuable players in Madden and he's a 78. Seattle with Wilson (who is basically Mahomes and has an ability where DBs prob won't sack him, and show blitzes), DK, Lockett, and Wagner who causes fumbles all day is right there too. I think SEA is an 84 overall but they are a way more dangerous team than GB, NO, TEN, DAL, NE, and BAL who are all ranked higher. I mean, the fact that KC is rated an 83 OVR is laughable. They have the most OP offense Madden has ever put out and that includes NE with spectacular catches in Madden 08. Chris Jones literally murders my C and my RB every snap too, so their defense is top notch as well. All in all it's a good game, but some guys are wayyyyyy too OP and teams like NO aren't captured good enough. Brees can't throw a seam or a post and I've tried to lab it multiple times. He's the most accurate guy in the league, you should rarely miss with him. Anyways, I digress. If you made it this far, thanks for the read. EA_Blueberry: if EA/Madden are hiring, give me a shout haha.
  • botravis
    203 posts Member
    @Hawk4813 Absolutely!! If they were to Nerf Chris Jones I wouldn’t have a problem with the Chiefs at all because then they’d be able to be ran on just like real life. But you touched on a good point. EVERYONE who uses the chiefs stays in cover 4 because Chris Jones is a 1 Man Nano. This chiefs stuff is ridiculous, EVERY GM you enter is VS the chiefs and the no look Bomb to the sidelines. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • botravis
    203 posts Member
    Absolutely positively the worst Madden time of the year!!! Too many EBOOK players. To many glitch exploits and by them working on the new gm they aren’t going to fix this gm. Everyone is literally picking the chiefs and running Cheesy Bomb lobs or the Niners and running right left middle every play.
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