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Reporting DC glitchers

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Does EA actually ever do anything about these people? I report them time and time again and keep running into the same people. For me occasionally it will happen naturally and I will try to alert my opp to call a TO and avoid it. But, it's pretty clear when someone does it on purpose. Right now I am waiting out a game where a guy named is doing it and he's lined up in onside kick after doing the special teams glitch. So no one is there to kick the ball I am just sitting here. But I report and report and report and nothing seems to get done. How do these people have the ability to keep playing?

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  • sagary123
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    Hi Team

    I got a loss for winning a weekend league game.. this hurts a lot...
    even other player quitted too .. I got the loss. It’s unbearable,
    This is happening multiple times

    Gmaetag: [Removed - CM]

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  • Moderator: So what you're telling me is, EA isn't going to do jack squat to police people cheating. SO, we then take it upon ourselves to alert people to GTs of those who do cheat, and then you ask us not to expose them? That gets a big CHILD PLEASE.
  • ElSharknado: That sounds like a connection issue between you and the other player. I don't know of anyway to do that on purpose and it's happened to me as well. Just because you are hardwired and have goo connection doesn't mean that EA's servers are supporting your connection to another user adequately, and it also doesn't mean their servers as a whole are supporting games as they should. EA has a lot of issues with Madden that the programmers don't do anything about it because as long as they are making money on MUT, they don't care. I have never seen them solve a single issue in this game in the 15yrs or so I have been playing online. Every year we have the same issues with playbooks, DCs, rankings in regs, stat comparison bugs, etc. and they don't do anything about it.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    The team is aware of some players getting disconnected and looking into that. As frustrating as it is to encounter and potentially see users continue to keep playing afterwards, we must ask you to report them through the proper tools for reporting suspected cheaters so it's relayed to the proper internal teams that investigate these accounts. Some actions might be taken right away while some may happen later, it's all case-by-case in which we can't go into detail to protect a player's account privacy rights.

    Reporting names here is against the forum rules & guidelines. It falls under naming and shaming.

    Great news is that this is an area of the game and other sports titles of ours as well that players want us to take a closer look at. Our teams are working on ways to making it easier to report players in our games. We don't have any specific details to share on that right now, but it's on their radar.
  • hawk4813
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    This needs to be EA's #1 priority with this game. Yes, some people do it on purpose and they are cheating [Removed - CM]. But some of us have this happen to us at the end of a half and it needs to get patched. It happens to me when I am using custom playbooks, it happens when I am using NE offensive playbook and i dont know what to do. I have redownloaded the game multiple times and nothing works. I heard it's because people remove Hail Mary from their playbook, but I never did that. And when I wen't to create a new playbook it never gave me the option to remove Hail Mary anyways. My GT is BigGameJamesCW. I don't know how to make the Madden police aware of whats going on, and I know thousands of people are on both sides of the fence on this.
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