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Fantasy Football, Stats, Simulation, and Madden

Whilst we manage the Covid-19 epidemic, our fantasy league is itching for football! Even in the offseason. And with that, we were looking at setting up a Virtual Fantasy Football League utilizing Madden. I've played Madden a few times (yes, a few) so I know little about the features and functions available. And many of the terms are confusing me as to what I want to do.
Before I ask a bunch of questions, the key one is:
* Does Madden-20XX have a Fantasy Football feature that I could use to run a proper fantasy league?
If so, please share a link so I can read up. Thanks.
Assuming it doesn't, here's my plan:

1. Hold an offline draft just like we would in August for fantasy.
2. The player pool would be based on Madden's player pool for the given year we use (Madden 19, 20, etc.)
3. All fantasy aspects would be managed outside of Madden
4. The purpose of Madden would be to run a weekly simulation of the NFL schedule and utilize the stats from the simulated games for our fantasy football purposes.
5. I've read that I can export stats and more using the Madden Companion App.
The key to what I need is:
A. Can I simulate games?
B. Can I export stats?
C. For Madden 2019, are the rosters based on projected 2019 starting rosters or 2018 year-end rosters (before all the off-season moves)?
D. As the Commissioner, would I be able to update rosters to reflect players that changed teams (not in season moves, but prior to the season starting) ?
I appreciate this is a LOT of questions - but who knows how long we'll be in lock-down and whether the NFL 2020 Season is going to happen or not. If I can sort this out in short order, I can work out kinks prior to the normal fantasy season and if there's a stoppage, we can look to utilize the Madden Fantasy option.


  • Please let me know if you can help with any of the questions. I can piece things together, but just want to know if I can do what I want to do with Madden before I buy it for the purposes noted above.

  • EA_Blueberry
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    edited March 2020
    Hey what's up, @DawgHouse73!

    Great questions and concept you have for your league. Sounds super fun coming from someone that has also been playing Fantasy Football for over 14 years and recently coming off a *cough* Championship season *cough*. ;)

    In Franchise mode you're able to simulate weeks so what you're describing can definitely be done. The attributes for all of these players are going to be reflected by either the pre-season roster, most updated roster, or a custom roster that you would need to create if there are specific players you want to add in/trade to another team/change stats/etc. You'll have to make sure you select the correct roster type before you load up your franchise. Make sure after you make all the roster adjustments, you save the roster before you go to create your franchise.

    To set proper expectations, when new Madden titles are released the following year the rosters for the previous years won't be updated to the current NFL season because that previous title's year reflected THAT season.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Thanks for the response Blueberry. And with positive results too!

    That said, I have a few follow ups:

    1. Can I watch/broadcast a simulation? (ie. the Monday nighter for the fantasy junkies that want to see how their players perform live). I know Twitch has broadcasts, but it's usually of people playing.

    2. Using the Companion Tool, I'm told I can export the stats, but do you know if I can specify the stats I want or is it a bulk dump? No worries if you're not sure, just curious.

    3. The rosters for Madden 20 will be based on the year ending rosters from 2019 - is that how I am to understand it? And in turn, Madden 2019 would contain 2018 year end rosters.

    4. I won't allow the creation of players, but the movement of players may be a difficult one to manage (it is just fantasy after all, so it doesn't have to reflect real world exactly). Something like Antonio Brown will in fact have him playing with who in 2020? Oakland? Pittsburgh? New England? Saskatchewan Roughriders?

    And a completely random question:
    - if I moved Tom Brady to Tampa Bay (and for simplicity, Winston to NE), would their numbers get impacted by the offense/new system, new players, etc.? Meaning, the way it does in real life - Brady has a report with Edelman, Gronk, White, etc. Now he's got all players, new systems, new linemen, etc. which will impact his confidence (plus or minus) and his decision making, etc. Does Madden take that into consideration if we move a player? Or do they just change jerseys?

  • Blueberry - one more thing....

    To do what I am trying to accomplish, which version (PC) do I need:
    - Standard
    - Superstar
    - Ultimate Superstar

    Appreciate, if I was a hard core Madden guy I might lean to one over the other, but this is 100% for the fantasy purpose. On the product page, it says the Standard Edition I just get the "base game". All those other packs I assume I don't need for my purposes.

    Can you confirm?

    Thanks (and I hope to leave you alone after this),
  • EA_Blueberry
    4738 posts EA Community Manager
    1. You can broadcast/simulate games. As far as I'm aware you can put a game into full simulation from Exhibition mode where you can put the controller down and let it run, but for Franchise you'll have to simulate every time the other team gets the ball.
    2. The stats will be a bulk dump with specific categories.
    3. The rosters in Madden 20 reflect the 2019 season (the latest season).
    4. When you're simulating a season it's possible players will be traded to other teams by the CPU (during and after season). New franchise teams won't exist unless you manually create them.
    5. I'd have to go in game to test this but I'm pretty sure their jersey number carries with them.

    For what you're doing, standard edition is fine. Superstar and Ultimate Superstar is more geared towards our Madden Ultimate Team mode. What you get in each edition can be found here: https://help.ea.com/en/help/madden/madden-20/what-youll-get-with-each-edition-of-madden-nfl-20/
  • DawgHouse73
    4 posts New member
    I finally got myself set up with Madden 20 - and I'm now trying to fulfill this plan.

    I simulated through to midseason (end of week 8).
    I used the Madden Exporter and the companion app to get the stats exported (just to see what I was getting in that bulk export).

    I get three files:
    * Schedules (useless for this as it showed me Week 9's encrypted game match ups); literally no value
    * Teams (a listing of the teams and their Madden settings and various other Madden parameters; no value
    * Players (a listing of 2019 players with their Madden settings and other parameters; no value

    So, literally downloaded 0% of the information I need.

    Any thoughts?

    I am looking for box score type stats for each game, each player - just like you would expect from the real NFL each week.

    Am I misunderstanding something?
  • ojgio
    1 posts New member

    Looking to do something similar for my league this year as I don't really expect there to be an actual NFL season.

    If I were EA I'd be hiring and building like crazy to try and capitalize on the potential lost season here. I would literally buy a copy of Madden and pay to have all the connected bells and whistles if it had this function.
  • alienstout
    1 posts New member
    I agree, give us a Fantasy Football component that lets us run games every week to simulate a season. Include all the features you find at the sites like Draft Kings or any other. Draft, trades, simulated injuries. People will pay for this and use it probably year round.
  • Can someone explain whether or not changing the players number give them a better xp boost or is it just hearsay
  • EA_Blueberry
    4738 posts EA Community Manager
    alienstout wrote: »
    I agree, give us a Fantasy Football component that lets us run games every week to simulate a season. Include all the features you find at the sites like Draft Kings or any other. Draft, trades, simulated injuries. People will pay for this and use it probably year round.

    With Fantasy Sports getting even more popular every year that goes by I'd love to see some way to incorporate it into the game. Maybe for MUT you can have X amount of players to choose from in a Salary Cap mode and depending on how they do in real life you can MUT earn rewards based off where you finished in the standings.


    That sounds like hearsay, numbers aren't tied to performance and some players may have had a small sample of positive experiences after changing their number to believe that was the cause.
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