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Madden 20 Legends Roster to Support the CLF

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Please check out the Madden 20 All Legends Roster as described within this Go Fund Me to support the Concussion Legacy Foundation!


Once you've downloaded my roster, you can review all of the 32 team rosters and the Legends within. My roster contains all of the Legends above along with 119 current Legends and 1,555 additional retired and created Legends (for a total of 1,696 Legendary players). It's trip down NFL Legends Memory Lane! After you've reviewed the roster and/or played the game, I hope it motivates you to donate to the CLF!

All 32 created teams have the composition noted within the above site. Choosing 53 players that were retired or living and currently playing “Legends” without using a number twice within the team was a challenge (like a HUGE football jigsaw puzzle). I was able to accomplish this goal for all but four players. In all four of those cases, one Legend wore the same number as another Legend but it would have been a disappointment/shortfall to leave the 2nd player off due to their greatness. Four players out of 1,696 isn’t too bad though IMHO.

Please take a moment to review the contents within the above website to see all of the work that was invested into this roster. You won't be disappointed and hopefully it will motivate you to donate maybe $5? Thank you! Be safe and stay healthy!


  • T2HD
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    Please note: If you attempt to download my roster and the EA servers say that I’ve removed or deleted the roster it is an error on their part. I HAVE NOT deleted or removed the roster. Please try again. Their servers appear to have glitches it seems. The easiest way to find my roster is by searching for my Gamertag of “Moto Guzzi Dude.” Just to be sure my roster is still there and available, I downloaded my roster as a test and was successful today on 3-25-2020 (after 3 attempts). Enjoy!!
  • I tried to download on my Xbox one ten times but still says error
  • T2HD
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    I just re-uploaded my roster and was able to download it and another roster file! It appears the fix is working! Please download my latest roster as it has a tweak to the faces of Dan Fouts, Bart Starr, and Brett Favre! Please also consider a donation to the Concussion Legacy Foundation! Thank you! https://www.gofundme.com/f/madden-20...upport-the-clf
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