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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Play Together! More Madden NFL 20 Codes for Xbox and PS4!

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Hey Madden Community,

We heard you needed more codes for family members and friends so you can Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Play Together. Here are some more Madden NFL 20 codes below for Xbox and PS4.

We will be dropping more Madden 20 codes in the forums the next few days so be on the lookout for similar posts like this one!






- The Madden Community Team

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  • noakessy
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    Hi Kraelo watched the stream, its great how you are contributing to Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Play Together, also heard GTs are planned to be released next Thursday the 9th of April, is there anyway to move this forward to this week of the change the format of how these players are released. I believe there will be two players released every Thursday, however reading the replies and comments from loyal and passionate MUT players on this promo and content creators and as a result of the times we as a world are in, it may be better for us the players to have the promo changed with how players are released. As some GTs will not come out till June and this gives players little time to play with these unique players as previously this Madden (20) was released a month later. Is it possible for you to feedback to Jake and the team some of these ideas on how to change the promo.....

    Release 4 GTs a week, 2 on Tuesday and 2 on Thursday, gives us players more ways to play the game as unique promos have been released on Fridays and then we also have WL to play as well as ULs on Saturday therefore can help fill time during the week.

    Providing this feedback to the team will be greatly appreciated as an alternative of how the promo can be enjoyed by players during these difficult times and thanks for all the hard work and wish you good health.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    If you're looking for a code check out Madden NFL's Twitter!

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