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Just awesome, simply awesome. I've got a pretty decent team at 97 overall, but the guy I just played against....He always had 20 seconds to sit in the pocket regardless if I rushed 3 men or 6 men (oh, and I have LE Superstar activated in Power-UP 98 Demarcus Lawrence didn't see him all game) and 99 Warren Sapp and 96 Bruce Smith, and despite trying 10 different defenses that theoretically should had covered the sidelines he completed at least 20 sideline passes in the game with help with the cheesy dive catch after dive catch often times diving in the middle of 2 defenders and still catching the ball, oh and to top it off, for me despite having the best OL possible in the game, I normally had 2.5 seconds to throw the ball before sack throughout the game.

Awesome, just awesome.
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