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Online Franchise & Pro Bowl

My online league, in its 1st season will be on the Pro Bowl very soon. Has anyone played one on their online franchise? Is it possible to make that a a H2H w/ another user? How does it all work?


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Both human players can play against each other if their coaches were selected to represent their conferences in the Pro Bowl.
  • Oh, so the coach actually matters. What happens in the case of those teams being in the SB? If their coaches get selected.

    Also, a bit off topic, but I wish we had a toggle to turn on and off saves if a H2H gets cut off by internet in an online franchise. Similar to what can happen if u play the AI, just let's u jump right back in. We've had an issue in my league just yesterday where an important playoff game got cutoff by connection loss. It's stupid that u can't continue the game.
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