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  • JayD24
    17 posts Member
    Hello my name is Jared. Question: When is the issue with the Online ranking record bug glitch going to be fixed?. I still I'm not able to see my online record and my stats, and its May, almost going into June and this problem still exists....
  • Jerrod331
    2 posts New member
    Look, I'm not trying to be just negative, there alot about this game I like. But at the same time some of it is horrible. Like challenge's, having to play the exact series/drive/game over and over again waiting on a forced turnover, or your line to block well enough for you to score a rushing TD from 90 yards out without using runner move's, is not challenging, it just sucks, and feels extremely dictated. And this is one of those games, when you loose it's not because your opponent outplays you, all of a sudden some of the greatest players in league history in their prime pretty much completely forget how to play football for a half, just long enough for the team your playing to win. It feels pre determined big time. And when your dumping real money into micro-transactions thats just unexceptable.. Each team should stand a equal chance of winning, and when I do get beat, I would prefer it to be due to great play by my openent, and not uncharacteristic garbage play by my team. And last but not least, do you guys understand how many full head to head games I've played in the last 9 months? Maybe 10, out of hundreds of games. And that's not due to bad sportsmanship. No, nobody likes a quiter, but nobody likes being Efed over either. Finding a good close game where both players enjoyed themselves, and walk away with respect for each other is next to impossible, and that's because the game feels dictated, and pre-determined. And people, especially competitive people hate that. We all wanna love this game guys. Ditch the micro transaction's, create a great game, you guys will make buckets of money. And loosers with nothing better to do with themselves won't trash your company in the enternet.
  • Jerrod331
    2 posts New member
    On the enternet* not in lol.
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