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Like seriously are you guys ever going to fix this?

You have hundreds maybe thousands of complaints about this issue.


  • They refuse to say if or when they will fix it, only that they're "aware" it. That is not an answer. And they refuse to answer the question of whether it will be a part of '21 or not, and if this is a bug or was a conscious decision on their part to remove it from the game.
  • With all seriousness it was a way to get more people to switch over to MUT. The more they Strip from Ranked H2H puts more pressure on us to change over to MUT. Once you change over, now you must SPEND EXTRA MONEY to build your team in order to be able to compete. It’s plenty of features that are allowed on MUT that we haven’t experienced yet in ranked H2H. So as it currently stands MUT 20 currently have the features that Madden 21 Ranked H2H will introduce. No strife just facts
  • @EA_Blueberry will this ever get fixed for the H2H players?
  • EA_Blueberry
    4773 posts EA Community Manager

    No updates to share around this at the moment, sorry. :/
  • If you ask a friend to look at his stats on this sometimes they can see your stats if they compare . just have them send you a screenshot. It works for me.
  • It shouldn’t have to be like though SlantKilla. Just give us the Same respect that you give MUT. Is that asking too much for ppl that spend their hard earned money on this game Every year?
  • True. Plus madden in the old days gave us so much more
  • EA_Blueberry
    4773 posts EA Community Manager
    True. Plus madden in the old days gave us so much more


    What features are you referring to that you'd like to see added back?
  • botravis
    203 posts Member
    @thewho99 I appreciate your honesty bro! All facts not 1 lie told. Put the Server like it was in the 00’s Where you can actually SEE things and learn. I know I’m only a small piece of the equation but I’ll never play MUT just out of pure hatred of how it ruined the gm and that I vow.
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