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Plz stop scripting the game

There’s no way bobby Wagner 98 ovr, 95 awr should be letting a ball just go right over his head on a slant, there’s no way!!! Stop scripting the game let us play!!!!


  • I wholeheartedly agree
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Was he facing the ball when it was thrown or do you have a recorded clip of that play so we can review it? Who was their QB and receiver on the play?
  • @EA_Blueberry he was facing the ball in zone coverage and just sit there, no i don’t have video of it
  • I would like to state something in referance to this forum post. First off before I tell you guys what happened just know that im no novice.. Been playen madden 27 years. Been top 100 ten plus times. Was #1 in rushing in world in 2004 with 144 yards per game. And in madden 2013 on ps3 I started online with a rec of 236-0 . finish with a tec of 446-36 online. Now I play for fun. And like. Too grind mut. You always here of players saying its scripted. That the play is already done before it starts. They are right! And I have proof! Around 3 months ago I was playing a game vs the com. It was a long challenge and I was in the 3rd quarter or so. Well im just gonna say it. The game started printing in text under the interface plays ahead. I was playing leaving and before the ball was hiked it said sack! When the computer hickedd the ball I got a sack. Everything that happened was texted under my team clear as day even before I hiked the ball or even passed or got an int. Sorry madden your caught. And too he honest . I dnt really care. I know if i neat a guy thats all that really matter.
  • wolfpack007
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    So Madden scripting is getting out of hand. I should not be made to lose because I am doing good. Bo Jackson speed nerd is real. Every time I just kill it in rushing yards and go on a win streak the scripting will start next game. My X Factor blocking will also no longer work. Plus my line misses blocks and runs by defenders.
    I also do good on Defense with ints. Than after so many games of crushing people the scripting kicks in. DB LB are slower, reaction and timing off, they will back off Wrs to let them catch ball and they will also no longer catch ints like they should.
    I been playing madden from the start and I am sure other vets like me can tell when **** starts happening. It's so easy to tell scripting is kicking in and no matter what you do the computer will try to make you lose against other player.
    I believe this **** scripting is why so many players glitch now. Nano blitzes in big dime and 3-4 will mess up scripting but not always. Players flipping plays non stop on offense, motioning players back and forth just to try and stop the scripting. It's just sad.
    Madden has turned into a pile of crap because of this scripting. It needs to be taken out of the game and let players play to their skills. Also matching should be better. No way a 80 overall team should be playing a 99 team or a bad player should be playing a elite player. A long time ago madden had a fair matching system but than they stopped to script the he'll out if this game. I really do hate madden now and I am not buying anymore till scripting is taken out of the game.
  • wolfpack007
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    Slantkilla I agree with you. I also saw the same thing happen while playing in Must. I been playing madden as long as you dude. It is so frustrating how madden has become such a scripted terrible game. Only reason I play it is because I love football but I have final hit my breaking point and why I am not buying anymore madden till scripting is gone. This the only video game that can make me so mad and frustrated.

    All these players now in madden bowls just glitch.. Ea sports really needs rules and str8 play like the franchise leagues do. If they did that there would be some awesome madden bowls. No more glitch bowls like what I watched on ESPN with the joker winning it with punter at QB and running up middle and nano defense. Other players were spamming the passing. Just sad.
  • doody5047 wrote: »
    There’s no way bobby Wagner 98 ovr, 95 awr should be letting a ball just go right over his head on a slant, there’s no way!!! Stop scripting the game let us play!!!!

    This happens all the time. The QB is throwing a touch pass; defenders rarely react even though the ball is emminently playable in real life. What is even more annoying is when its thrown over triple coverage.

    I do not know is worse, this or the abuse of possession catches. Sure, in a game, a great WR might dive and catch the ball in triple coverage once or twice a game (or season), but never five times on one possession (especially for someone like Ted Ginn, who can't catch in real life). I think the possession catch is worse, throwing the touch pass does take a little more skill by the user.
  • Oh, and if there is no scripting, how do you explain the times where I do an off tackle run that I've done a million times into a hole that should give me about 4 or more yards, but since its a key play in the game my RB decides to run right, resulting into an immediate tackle, even though I am still pressing straight ahead? Or how about meaningless spins in the same situation when I have not hit the spin or juke? Decent controller too.
  • kennylc76
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    Not saying that the creator of this thread is doing it but I love when people preface that they are 12,245 and 1 in ranked games but their one lost was because of scripting. So when you won 10k games, there was never once any scripting in that one?

    Don't get me wrong. I played games where it seemed like I was destined to lose. But you know what. It. Happens. In. Real. Life. Either you get your rear ended whupped from the opening kickoff or you blow a 28-3 lead in the forth quarter. I played a game where I blew a 17 point lead because I did a QB sneak on 4th and inches and didn't get it... after what I suspected was **** on 3rd down.


    It. Happens. In. Real. Life.
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