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Future Franchise Mode Questions

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Will there ever be true legendary draft classes available in franchise mode? Rosters created by EA with true legend likenesses like in that of NBA 2K19?

Will Madden ever have All-Pro awards, NFL Top 100, etc?

Will there ever be more in-depth records for individuals and teams (most/least yardage in history, kicking records, most 1000 years seasons, Super Bowl MVP tracking, etc?

Will there ever be team and individual playoff and Super Bowl record historical stat tracking?

Will there ever be a team ring of honor section and a better Hall of Fame tracker?

A few good examples of the above are in NFL Fever games of the past.

Will we ever be able to customize the divisions, conferences, uniforms, etc?

Will we ever be able to customize the salary cap? When we turn it off, the cpu doesn’t acknowledge it through their signings.

Will there ever be an option to reset a player’s career clock to 0 and all their stats as if they were a rookie?

Will there ever be a more variety of faces/heads to pick from when editing draft classes or creating a player within franchise mode? We’ve had the same ones (and most are similar to each other) for the past 5 years. Keep the old ones, but add many more.

Will we ever be able to clear the record books and start anew as if the NFL is just starting in that current year of Madden?

Also, will they ever bring back the option to use a legendary coach to start a franchise like in Madden 2013 or 14?

The main question... will any of the above mentioned be in Madden 2021? If not, when could we expect it?

These are some of the things I personally think many franchise players would be thrilled about... and the franchise satisfaction rating would go through the roof.
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