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If it's not in the game, then WHAT is?!

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Can we have some honest feedback on these issues?

So over the past couple of years, within the Madden community, there have been murmurs of some unseen force known as dda, or, dynamic difficulty adjustment. Now, to my knowledge developers say that although ea has the patent, dda isn't currently programed into Madden. I'm not an employee of ea nor am I a developer, so, fair enough. I am, however, a long time player of Madden football. If dda isn't programmed into this game and all of the previous installments of Madden, then what IS?!
Someone needs to be called to the carpet for the quality of this product. It's a $70 game that absolutely comes in handy during these times of quarantine. But, folks! Something has got to give.
It's literally the same pattern over and over. You can go on and win 7 or 8 games in a row and then the CPU/ai will do EVERYTHING possible for you to start losing games for a period of time. What I'm referring to is online gameplay, not against the computer. It's so blatant that it's offensive to even hear someone say that there isnt any type of system programed in Madden that causes the game to play like this.
I've played probably 10 games since yesterday and

I have gotten no less than about 4 fumbles game

Players are only rushing 2 linemen and getting instant shedding against 6 and 7 blockers. These aren't even nano blitzes, it's merely the cpu giving one player desirable animations

Offensive linemen's awareness nerfed. On any run play, be it a toss, stretch, pitch, tightened, and tackles refuse to block. They will run towards defenders as if they will engage and literally run around them or back the other direction -- nearly every play!
If they don't refuse to block, they will be thrown to the ground by a defensive back -- most people online like to use dime package, so, theres nothing on the field but 180 pound corners and safeties, but somehow, they are throwing 250 to 300 pound linemen to the ground and tackling a running back for a loss of yardage

User control is worse than usual. When this
"not dda" force is happening, even the input from the controller is effected. Presnap adjustments are hard to do because the response becomes laggy. I know it's not the connection because this only happens in those games where everything is going the other players way. Even trying to fill a gap on run defense is impossible because you can't make sharp movements like a normal human being. Instead, when you have a ball carrier in range, the CPU will sort of make you take a very wide angle to where you will miss the gap and the running back will run right past you

Super star abilities mean nothing. I have passrush abilities on a 95 over all lawrence Taylor and a 93 clowney and when the CPU isn't favoring me, those abilities do nothing but cause their star to light up while they fall to the ground EVERY play during the drives

Ai on your team reaction time. When the CPU is favoring another player, one thing you will notice is the reaction time of EVERYONE on their squad. If you run the ball, the safeties and backers will immediately run to the ball. The amount of ground covered won't be realistic
But when you're ok defense, they can run the ball but only the ai defensive players near the ball will attempt (and fail mostly) to pursue the ball carrier. It's the silliest thing looking at those replays because youll see a running back slashing through the zombies on your team all while a safety is sort of standing there waiting until the running back gets to him

Radius of which animations are triggered are skewed. So, when you're seemingly being shafted by the game, one of the more noticeable things is when ai players on the opposing defense never have to commit to an assignment really because swat, and interception animations will trigger for them even when completely out of position.
This is one of the worst things about Madden because it completely ruins football strategy. When the game plays like this, there is no point in trying to read the zones because the animations and when they're triggered aren't respective to conventional football logic
A cover2 zone with a hard Flat should have the spot between the safety and corner open
Between the two safeties should be open if a linebacker isn't playing deep and if he is playing deep, underneath routes should be open, but this isn't the case when Madden is favoring one player over another because what will happen is once you see what zone or defense is being used in general, and you throw to those soft spots, the CPU will trigger animation and pretty much slide the player into position to make a play that they shouldn't be able to make.

This is just a small list of multiple things plaguing the game
This is why we think the game is scripted


  • literally, all we want is a football game that doesnt script gameplay. 2K was able to do this on last gen consoles and they're able to do it with nba2k now, so, what is the issue with madden. I dont care what its called, dda, rubberband, scripting etc, it needs to not be in the game
  • I whole hearted agree 100%, the game is scripted!!!
  • Loss me at 95 Lawrence Taylor! Go plays regs and help us improve gm play. They already put too much effort into Mut
  • botravis wrote: »
    Loss me at 95 Lawrence Taylor! Go plays regs and help us improve gm play. They already put too much effort into Mut

    Unfortunately, reg does the same thing.
    I can go and rattle off about 8 wins in a row and the next 5 games will be plagued with nothing but the things mentioned above
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