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computer took another game from me

I was playing MuT today..
Played a guy who only ran dime 1-4-6 cover 4 and cover 2-- all defensive backs
And every play he cushioned his secondary way back so literally there was just the linemen and one backer, that's it. I literally couldnt run the ball the whole game. Why? because his linemen got insane block shedding the whole game! None of my blockers would engage with any of the defensive A.I. characters.. they literally ran around them! I have xfactors on Kamara and also Payton but for the first few steps on each run, they would move in place and then proceed in like slow motion. I'm too annoyed to even type what happened during passing plays lol
EA is something else.. I really cant wait until we get something better


  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    That sounded rough. What run plays do you normally choose from and do you have a run chemistry focused team?
  • the sameones anyone else runs.. Chemistry, or, the lack thereof, shouldnt dictate where or not the ball carrier runs in place for 2 or 3 paces before actually being allowed to move forward. But, by that time, the defense is now in position to stuff the run. And if someone is running defenses with all defensive backs and playing cover 4 with loose coverage, the computer should still put them in position to completely stop the run
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    Formation is only one piece of the puzzle though. At least for MUT the opponent using dime could have had a set of DBs all ranging 97+ so they could be almost as effective as a group of high 80 or lower 90 LBs. Dime isn't the great formation to be in when an opponent is running but it doesn't mean it still can't shut down the defense throughout the game.

    Chemistry helps improve the run game which is why I asked if you have a run focused team with power run/zone run chemistry it helps boost attributes.

    Who's your RBs? Do you consider having one of them as the speed/3rd down passing back so you can sub him in for tosses if running between the tackles isn't working out during the game?
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