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NFL Draft | Free To Play Weekend NFL Draft Pack

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Hey Madden Community,

The NFL Draft is almost here and just right around the corner! Last Friday, the NFL Draft Program launched in Madden Ultimate Team, and if you are looking for a quick recap, check out our Twitch VOD for some details on the overall NFL Draft Program. A lot was released in the program like new Ultimate Challenges, a new House Rules Event, 32 NFL Draft Heroes like Von Miller, Patrick Peterson and Cam Newton, and an opportunity to get new NFL Draft Prospect Rookies in Madden 20!

This year the NFL Draft Program will operate a little differently in Madden Ultimate Team. On Draft Night this year, the Madden Ultimate Team will be releasing the Top 5 NFL Draft Picks in game shortly after they have been selected. Make sure to follow @EASPORTS_MUT on Twitter to find out who they are and their ratings in Madden 20. Then on Friday afternoon/evening, the Madden Ultimate Team will be releasing the remaining 27 NFL Draft Picks from the first round in game.

When the NFL Draft starts on Thursday Night at 8PM ET, Madden Ultimate Team players that log into Madden Ultimate Team will get a Free To Play Weekend NFL Draft Pack that will feature Isaiah Simmons, CeeDee Lamb, and Justin Herbert.

Things to note about these player items from the Free To Play Weekend NFL Draft Pack:
  • These players will be 95 OVR NAT’s in game for a limited time and eventually will get a reduced OVR around May 4th
  • These players are standalone player items and they are not the same as their NFL Draft Night player items. Their NFL Draft player items will be based on their specific pick selection.
  • These players from the Free To Play Weekend Draft Pack will get their respective team chemistries once the last player in the pack gets drafted.


Pro Tip: If you have been stashing away your NFL Draft Pick Packs from the MUT Draft Pick Program in the hopes of getting any of these 3 players on your MUT squad, you can test these players out on your team before making the final decision to get their regular MUT Draft player item once available in game.

We hope you are excited for the NFL Draft this year! It’s definitely a little different from year’s past; however, it is great to see the NFL making this happen under the circumstances.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy these days! #StayandPlay

The Madden Team
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