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Why are the catching and ball hawking mechanics in this game worse than in NFL street for GameCube

The amount of times I see myself, twitch streamers, and YouTubers scream about the intercepting mechanic in particular is absurd. I’d say about 3 times a game I find myself freaking out about how the defender doesn’t even put his hands up let alone jump when I’m pressing y at the right times, you could argue git gud but I constantly see it happen to high level players so clearly it’s an issue with the game itself I just find it funny that EA in 2020 can’t accomplish something that was done 3 gaming generations ago in 2003 by EA coincidentally


  • doody5047
    83 posts Member
    I can see that happening in man coverage, but in zone when the defender is looking at the Qb, looking directly at the ball that’s unacceptable!! Just swing at it or something!!!
  • I have been seeing this more and more and it is frustrating. What I am pretty sure that is happening is that the QB is throwing a touch pass, which "drops" over the head of the defender between the QB and the WR. Had it been a bullet pass, there would have been the swat/strafe/pick animation.
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