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Suggestion - storing manual adjustments

I wonder if is possible to have auto adjustments in future versions. On the current Madden for example, on PS4, if i want to change coverage for defensive backs, i have to press triangle first and a number of other buttons to change an individual player's zone coverage to man coverage. Also, if i want to change from cloud flat to hard flat, more buttons.

Instead, why can't i record those manual adjustments offline and call those up during online play. For example i would press the triangle button and the number grid from 1 to 9 will pop up, where I would choose from 1 to 9 the adjustment I stored earlier to match up better against certain formations i see.

Let's say i stored an adjustment in number 1, where i base align, crash the line in, pinch the linebackers, make the safety man up the outside receiver, make the corner man up the slot receiver, then spy the defensive end. In number 2, I may store man align, blitz all linebackers, and QB contain and so on.

All i would need is press triangle to bring up the number grid and press 1, instead of having to press triangle, left bumper, d-pad etc...it would make adjusting against the offense so much quicker.

And if more than 9 adjustments can be stored, a number grid can be used as a dial pad to call up maybe 20 different manual adjustments. Obviously more adjustments mean greater file size, so i don't know how many manual adjustments can be feasibly be stored.

I think this would make it a real chess game, since defenders can make adjustments on the fly and don't have to worry about offensive players quick hiking because they know you need time to make the manual adjustments.

Also, if you use this idea, i would like a percentage of sales :-)
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