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Literally Impossible Catch Cost me the Game - Angers Me

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This was a tough battle because he was a cheeser, but I managed to pull ahead with a Pick-6 late in the 4th quarter. However, his last play of the game (see video below), a literal impossible catch put him in field goal range to win. The end result is I got a undeserving loss. He made a few of these literally impossible catches in the game, but this one was the most ridiculous. I feel that EA boosted the impossible catch algorithm of the game for all receivers ever since the introduction of the 99 Randy Moss

Look closely at the receiver. How does he hang onto the ball when his left arm goes through the body of one defender and his right arm goes through the body of another defender, and the football goes through a defender's helmet?


  • Arms and hands going through a players body on offense or defense is not uncommon unfortunately, H2H or against the CPU. Even if it ends up benefiting me it drives me insane because it shouldn't be an issue or glitch that got past developers. I wouldn't say it's related to mpossible catch, especially factoring in the 99 Miss. It's another big/glitch normal from EA. There's that one, usually more that NEVER gets patched every year.
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    What defensive play did you select?

    I circled the nickel, did you put him on QB spy? I think in that situation it would have been better to put him in coverage or blitz to apply pressure (unless he was running the ball with the QB most of the game which is why you did that/selected that coverage). If you re-watch the clip and study the movement of your user controlled player, you'll notice your back was to the ball and out of position to make a play. Always hold down left trigger and strafe the middle with the linebacker. You'll be in better position to leap for the ball if it's thrown your way. It's an unfortunate loss, indeed, and I hope this constructive feedback is the takeaway from the discussion.

    I usually take control of the linebacker most of the game but in those situations I like to switch it up to the safety so I can drop them down to fake a rush, then drop back when the ball is snapped to fake out the opponent in thinking the receiver on the left side will have single coverage. Having that safety also helps you deliver a big hit to break up the pass if needed. Protects the slant on that play too.

    Animations can always be improved and we appreciate feedback around that. It's normal to see arms and legs go through bodies of players when replays are slowed down and there are a lot of bodies involved. It can be tough to avoid that, but the team is always working to make it more realistic as the years have gone by.

  • I appreciate the time you spent with that response, Blueberry.
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