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Madden's scripting lost me the Superbowl in my franchise

No matter what you do or what sliders you have if Madden doesn't want you to win the game you will not win.
95 ovr running backs fumbling the ball?
Nobody can catch a contested ball except for the CPU? I have Odell and Landry who both arguably has top 10 catching in the NFL. But some 3rd string receiver bum will catch everything over the middle
Switching players mid play 1. Doesn't take you to the closest player and 2. Puts me on someone who is being blocked already like why would you assume I wanted to switch to that guy instead of the safety or linebacker with no one on them?
Quarterback throws an inaccurate pass in the most inconvenient time even though they only miss 2 passes the entire game but when I need a touchdown to win the game in the fourth quarter he throws a duck to the other team.


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Do you know if your running back that fumbled the ball had conservative carry on? That's often the case when players are stating their running backs are fumbling repeatedly, they don't have it on conservative carry.
  • Happens in H2H also there’s nothing they will or can do
  • R2 by default should the button you press in conjunction with sprinting to "conservatively" carry the ball. I shouldn't have to activate a general gameplay style. But if the game wants you to lose then its either gonna be death by interception, or the edge rusher is gonna go for a single game record of 8 sacks
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