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Issues with DS4 Controller

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Good day

I am experiencing some issues with my DS4 controller. It stops working at random times on all Origin games. However I also noticed some Origin Games randomly appearing (launching) in my task manager while Im playing Origin games. This causes insane frame drops as I dont really have high end components. Could this possibly be what is causing the controller to stop working? Im using bluetooth. Sometimes reconnecting the bluetooth dongle seems to work, but sometimes I have to completely restart the game.

- Orico 4.0 Bluetooth adapter
- Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller


This is quite annoying especially when playing online. Please note that this only occurs on origin games. I can play games like GTA for hours and my controller have never done this on GTA. When Im playing Madden with 7 minutes a quarter, this happens atleast once or twice every quarter.

Coming back to the games appearing in task manager - I have noticed this happens with one of my friends as well. He went to the shop one day and I kept getting notifications that he launched 3 different games at the same time.

Any advice would be appreciated

I will completely ignore responses telling me to get a different controller. I bought a DS4 because I prefer DS4. It works perfectly on other games so I dont see why not on Origin games.



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