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Weekend League | Monthly Weekend League Rewards - May

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

We wanted to provide you a quick update on the Monthly Weekend League Rewards for the month of May. This information will be in game later today.

Below is a breakdown of the May Monthly Rewards for Weekend League:


Please note that May MUT Champs Rewards are based on a 4 week period and the number of wins have been adjusted accordingly.

We are planning to have the rewards go out on Thursday, June 4th around 2:00PM ET. If we have any delays for an unforeseen reason or rewards are distributed earlier, we will let you know.


  • Two Things...

    1) On last Thursday's show you made the comment.. "Everyone in a way, won a dump truck today" which sounds like you were rewarding those that were on the stream, but what does this mean, I haven't seen anything. Is there something being provided we should be getting?

    2) You were supposed to have a stream on Monday @ 7AM PST
    There was no stream. If you going to cancel it fine, but don't waste people's time and make them get up before 7AM PST, not really cool for those people on the west coast who have to get up extra early to be eligible for the early bird raffle. An announcement of the show cancellation would have been nice.

    Sorry, but not feeling very appreciated for tuning into the stream. Can you advise..
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