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Coaches Club Football League-The leader in Madden online franchise since Madden 2002 (PC/Coach Mode)

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The CCFL (Coaches Club Football League) began in Madden 2002 and has had the same Commish since that time. Half the league's coaches have been with the CCFL since 2008 or earlier.

The CCFL - NFL on Madden uses the NFL GM as our GM, so you Diehard NFL fans will always have your real authentic NFL roster. None of the teams in our league have all their talent traded away or a mess in their salary cap situation.

The CCFL plays one game per week, and two season per year.

We Broadcast all our games on Twitch so we can scout our opponents each week. Interested coaches should be aware this is an adult league, with many members with real coaching experience. Competition is stiff every week. Our custom rosters compliment our amazing 2020 sliders for the best game experience in Madden 2020.

The Coaches Club Football League (CCFL) is a Coach Mode NFL Style Madden Football league played on the pc. The league will run an online franchise coach mode (we do not control players during the games - we call the plays in game and make pre snap adjustments). We will have 32 owners and play one game per week. The league will offer very active and competitive coaches, complete with trading, NFL style Drafts (all 7 rounds) and unlimited Free Agency. We use the NFL GM as our GM for deciding on all cuts, Trades, Free Agent signings, and draft picks. So our CCFL rosters are ALWAYS the same as the NFL teams. Coaches decide on Depth chart, play calling, Hot routes, Audibles, shifts, morion, rolling coverage, etc up until the ball is snapped, then everything is cpu controlled. Coaches also decide on which players to progress each week and one which O and D player to give a Broadcast Bonus award to each month (player traits such as D player getting "Bull Rush, Strips Ball, Big Hitter", etc

Ages 21 and older only!

Here is a video of our Commish Show which talks more about our league:



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