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Pause glitch in WL game

4 posts New member
Hi Team,

One my opponent is using the pause glitch.. and I can’t do anything on the if I restarted the game ..I will get a loss what I else I need to do?

I have attached the screen shots and listed his gamer tag



  • weerstandige
    97 posts Member
    edited May 31
    Very often when I lead in the weekend league, and my opponent understands that the defeat is as obvious as he plays like a noob. a strange bug, a fault arises. Just after an action, it calls a time-out, pauses the game and it then becomes impossible to interrupt the loading. except if we do ctrl alt del. And surprisingly, after restarting the game, I get a defeat.

    how to do? who to contact? how to restore the accuracy of my score in week end league? how to have a chance to win prizes that allow winnings and golden ticket?

    you will understand, we must replay or hope that with 10/11/12 wins when we should have had 20, be in the top 100.

    do you think the madden 21 will still reproduce these bugs or other strange anomalies? because I am very likely to ignore the MUT.
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  • sagary123
    4 posts New member
    edited June 1
    Chilliertie96 my gamer tag and opponent is [Removed - CM]
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  • EA_Blueberry
    2059 posts EA Community Manager
    edited June 1
    @sagary123 @weerstandige

    Another player identified a potential workaround to get the game to resume if you happen to experience this in the future. Check it out in this thread. As frustrating as it is, we are unable to make any adustments to W/L columns or rewards that come out of those games. The team is aware of this behavior though and looking into it, thank you for your patience in the meantime.

    @sagary123 I removed the player's name as calling them out on the forums is against the forum rules.

    Here is how to suspected cheaters and abuse in our games: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/report-players-for-cheating-abuse-and-harassment/

    Thank you for raising these concerns to us and sorry to hear it happened to you both.
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