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Forced to restart MUT Challenges due to "lost connection to server"

Being that you are playing online I don't see why MUT couldn't have the "game in progress" option like in exhibition for the non online challenges and solo matches. Can't count how many FRUSTRATING times I've had to start a challenge I was doing really well on and invested time into just to get kicked from the server and lose all that progress. PLEASE FIX THIS EA!!!!!!!!


  • EA_Blueberry
    2059 posts EA Community Manager

    I'm right there with you on how frustrating it can be to lose progress from a really good game you're in. I've seen this suggestion pop up before and we'll relay it up to the team to be mindful of when they're building new tech from the back-end. Being able to resume a game from where it last left off would be ideal for these scenarios, however if it's something that is frequently happening to you, we should probably troubleshoot connectivity to see if we can prevent it from happening going forward.

    Let me know what platform you're on and what steps you might have already tried to improve connectivity. There is always room for improvement when it comes to server quality from our side, but I can't stress to you enough how many cases I've seen where we ran a diagnosis on an individual's connection and it was an apparent local connection issue.

    Appreciate the feedback and hope you avoid this going forward, again, let me know if you're looking for technical help.
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