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Good Morning Madden Help

Two Things...

1) On last Thursday's show you made the comment.. "Everyone in a way, won a dump truck today" which sounds like you were rewarding those that were on the stream, but what does this mean, I haven't seen anything. Is there something being provided we should be getting?

2) You were supposed to have a stream on Monday @ 7AM PST
There was no stream. If you going to cancel it fine, but don't waste people's time and make them get up before 7AM PST, not really cool for those people on the west coast who have to get up extra early to be eligible for the early bird raffle. An announcement of the show cancellation would have been nice.

Sorry, but not feeling very appreciated for tuning into the stream. Can you advise..



  • EA_Blueberry
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    Can you timestamp the video right before he made the comment about the dump trucks? Sounds like he was referring to good news about something, but not literally giving everyone on the stream dump truck prizes.


    I'll pass along your feedback around giving everyone a heads up on the stream being cancelled. We apologize to everyone that made changes to their schedule to find out the show wasn't going to happen. We'll do our best to improve communication around these type of announcements going forward.
  • Go to the 25:30 mark. (25:30 - 29:00 )
  • Got to the 25:30 mark (25:30 -26:29)
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    @thedrewster2007 I would be happy to address your two questions above.

    1. We have never been able to give all players on stream a free item like a dump truck at the same time. There is no way to physically do this and we draw winners every stream. We have been doing this approach since we started Good Morning Madden, which was previously called Madden Daily Drops (MDD). I reviewed the context of the stream and I did say that everyone won a dump truck today, which is in the context of everyone that won a giveaway today. I apologize to you if you took this differently, but in the context of giveaways, we usually give out Early Birds, Regular Giveaways, and Dump Trucks. Everyone that won a giveaway, won a Dump Truck like giveaway and not any of the others. I hope this provides more clarification on the matter, but this is the context of what was discussed.

    2. Regarding the stream cancellation, thank you for sharing your feedback. Our main account on @EAMaddenNFL tweeted the following on Sunday afternoon:

    We apologize that the main message did not call out specifically that the stream was cancelled, but we hoped that players would understand from the messaging that "tomorrow" which was Monday, June 1st, that we would not be celebrating the Madden NFL 21 News. This morning, I did change the stream title to read No Good Morning Madden Stream Today and I also posted this in the stream chat for those players that did come by the stream. I hope everyone would be able to see that messaging, but I know that is not the case.

    Again, I am sorry you do not feel respected or appreciated under the circumstances. Thank you for sharing your feedback, and we will do our best to improve things going forward.

    Have a great day!


    cc: @EA_Blueberry
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