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today I played the game of all games online!!!!!

I was playing online today and, like always, I'm matched with someone who clearly isnt that good. He's coming out in empty sets and bunches and running wildcat every other play-- a real piece of work.
On top of that, he has tackles in at tight end.
I'm up 21 to 3 by half time. Long story short, he came back and won 35 to 21 🙄
Was it because he improved his play? nope
Was it because I failed to adjust? no

the guy literally ran the same few plays all game and went for it on 4th each time.
Suddenly, he begins to get EVERY block shed animation in the game while on defense.
On run plays, my tackles were thrown to the ground by corners-- CORNERS! and not just a few times but for the rest of the game. Also, when they weren't thrown to the ground, the computer/ai made sure that they wouldn't engage in any blocks. They literally ran past the defenders and down the field! EA, why would you create a game that does this?! It was like all of my ai players on offense and defense were nerfed because they didnt react to the ball on defense or offense. My players wouldnt even pursue the ball carrier until they got pass the line of scrimmage, while his players would unnaturally slide in position while the ball was being hiked. Literally, in simultaneous animation, the whole team would slightly shift!
What made me quit the game was when he ran a streak with I believe Ogden, and OLineman and burned the safety on that side.. a 99 OVERALL SAFETY!! I dont know how people can put out a game like this year after year as if its ok
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