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Beginning to recruit for M21 XB1 Sim League: UML


UML is beginning to recruit for Madden 21.

About the league: I used to run a PS2 league in Madden 05-07 called Untitled Madden League on leaguedaddy.com (RIP). I can't help but laugh when you think we used to manually input stats, couldn't make any roster moves, had crazier glitches to deal with and no way to see streams or know who's doing what other than someones word vs. another. I started playing in CFM again this Madden, and decided I'd like to start UML back up after all this time.
Mission: Fostering a sim Madden environment that emulates what we see on Sundays without stifling creativity and competitiveness.

What will make us stand out?
  • Discord news stories around the league
  • GOTW non-physical trait player upgrades
  • "Training Camp" dice roll where select players under 27 can gain attribute boosts (or have setbacks) in offseason
  • Graphics/cards for all award winners
  • Additional game incentives TBD (I.E., play all user games and get a dev. trait upgrade)
  • Coaching Carousel - Users leaving a team in good standing will have one chance (during the entire franchise) during the offseason to switch to an open team
Rules: Can be found here. Remember, they may be amended once we see more M21 gameplay.
Teams already taken: Giants, Seahawks, Dolphins, Colts

Please read the rules and take a serious look and think about them. They aren't final since M21 isn't out yet, and they'll be somewhat fluid, but our goal will always be to keep things realistic, cover as many topics as possible, but without too many restrictions.

We may start just days after game release if CFM doesn't transfer over to next gen to get as much play out of this one as possible.



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