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Madden NFL 21: Franchise Preview


  • EA,

    Can we just have some answers? I know I won't get a reply to my question but I just really am so confused, along with thousands and thousands of other gamers. What is your master plan to fix the continuous neglecting of franchise mode? Yes MUT makes you the money, but Franchise Mode is where no less than 2/3 of your customers buy the game for. I almost feel like what you gave us in terms of Franchise Mode was some sort of mistake and that you will release the REAL features soon. Just give us some sort of reason why the not-too-difficult features we ask for every year aren't put in the game. Please EA we have one option if we want to play NFL.

    Also, are there going to be more franchise features on the next-gen consoles?
  • I don't want to be negative. I'm trying not to. I just have questions and actually want someone...anyone respond to the community. Franchise Mode had always been the backbone of the game. It was the selling point of the game. The innovation of that is what helped EA to secure the exclusive NFL simulation license. FOTF is neat, it's something new and something different. But actual franchise mode has gotten nothing new for the past 3 years. And Madden games from 10-15 years ago had more in depth franchise mode. Axis Football and Doug Flutie Maximum Football had better and more in depth franchise mode. #fixmaddenfranchise was trending #1 on Twitter. I understand that as useless and not simulation football that MUT is, microtransactions from MUT is where EA makes money. I get that, I understand that. But the Madden Community has spoken. Those of us who buy the game every year, who live football, who love Madden, want Franchise mode. Just look at and play Axis Football 20 and check out the franchise mode, creation mode. Us of the community is begging you to make a better franchise mode.
  • Rozsos27
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    Literally nobody asks for FoF or Longshot or any dumb mode like it. Does this team even look at what their customers at all? I only care to play sports games for the "real" Franchise mode. And now y'all call it "classic" franchise like it's a mode we should be lucky you even keep in the game. I'm done with Madden until they put some real work into the "real "Franchise mode. So looks like I'm never playing Madden again. Oh well, EA Sports in general is going to be even more outdated once the new systems come out. Way too many great games to play to worry about this trash any longer.
  • This is an open letter to EA, EA Sports, and EA Madden
    First off, I have owned every single John Madden Football game from 1992-2020 across the Sega Genesis, PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4. I am a die hard football fan, as well as a die hard Madden. During the Madden/2K wars for NFL dominance, I always chose Madden. The season mode where you could play multiple seasons, sign, re-sign, release, retire, and a 3 or 4 round draft, which later became the Franchise Mode that we’ve all grown to love began in Madden ‘99. Since then it expanded to include owner/GM mode, sign and fire coordinators and coaches, retired star players becoming coordinators, a full 7 round draft, create a team/jersey/stadium, get a sponsor for your stadium to create more revenue, coach overall ratings that improve or decrease based on wins, restricted and unrestricted free agents, and many more features that set Madden apart from other “simulation football” games. The in depth Franchise Mode became the clear focus and selling point of the game, and is ultimately its defining feature that helped it secure the exclusive license when the NFL decided to have only one official NFL game.
    Nothing is ever perfect, features came and went, and sometimes came back. Now I understand that at some point, which I believe was the jump from PS3-PS4, and XBox360-XBox1 a new engine was used to create Madden and the developer team had to literally start from scratch and rebuild the entire game. So many things were different or left out. That’s fair, that’s understandable, and that’s acceptable. Now how many years later, and Franchise is pretty much the same, besides the ability to create and edit your own draft classes in game, Franchise Mode has been pretty much exactly the same since Madden ‘13. For a multi-billion dollar company who is the sole NFL Simulation Game, that is unacceptable, and frankly embarrassing. With the #FixMaddenFranchise trending #1 on Twitter in the U.S. it is clear that the fans have spoken. The entire Madden Community, KO Players, MUT Players, Online Players, Franchise Players, everyone has banded together in support of Franchise Players and Franchise Mode. It’s honestly impressive.
    So now is a critical point. Let me give you an example. The WWE 2K20 game was a complete and utter broken failure of a disaster. They tried to patch and fix, but every new patch and fix broke something else. So here is what 2K did. They put someone in charge game development and direction. He came out, admitted that the game was broken, apologized to the community for the game, and promised to make it right. That is what the Madden Community wants from EA. Now 2K went even further. They canceled WWE 2K21, and are going to instead devote all resources towards fixing everything and delivering a better game in WWE 2K22. They put up a post on the official 2K forums and asked the community, “What are your top 3 changes, fixes, features, additions, subtractions or whatever that YOU the fans want moving forward in the game?” They left the forum open for like 10 days or 2 weeks or something, and then they went through every post, every comment and made a list of the top 25 or so things that the community wanted. The most requested was #1, second most was #2, and so on, and so forth. They said thank you for your feedback, and said they were going to start in order and put those fixes, changes, and features in the game. Now obviously, not everything will go in the first time, but they will get as many as they can, they will update the community on progress, and the goal is whether it’s 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, or whatever, to implement all of the things that people want in the game. That it called customer service, listening to the people who buy your game, and giving the people what they want.
    Now we’re realistic. We don’t expect everything that we want to be quickly added to Madden 21 and be broken, or even everything put in Madden 22. What we want is an acknowledgement that the ball was dropped for Madden 21, the Franchise deserves to be better, have more features, and be as close to simulation football as possible, and a commitment from EA to start making an effort, listen to feedback, and to year by year implement more and more until Franchise Mode is as immersive as possible. Now some features that myself and many in the community want are new and haven’t really been seen in Madden, but most of the things that we want are things have already been in previous Madden games, but were removed years ago. Myself and many of us in the community love Madden and cannot wait for the new game every August. We just want back the features that made Franchise Mode special, fun, thrilling, and gave the game hours upon hours of replay ability. As of now, once you play 1-2 seasons of Franchise with any team, they’re pretty much all the same and no longer as much fun.
    This is solely for the purpose of voicing our opinions and wanting our voices to be heard. The mindset that many people have about EA is that they don’t care about the games, the quality, the depth, the fun, the replay ability, or the people who buy the games. People say that the only thing that EA cares about is money, the bottom line, and revenue from all of the microtransactions within MUT. All that the community wants is an acknowledgment that our complaints are being heard, that we’re right about Franchise Mode needing to be better, and that going forward, EA will at least listen to what the community wants and make a real effort to give us the game that we want and deserve. Like I started with, every John Madden Football game from 1992-2020, that’s 29 games, plus the fact that when next gen consoles came out, I already had the game for the previous gen, so I purchased it again for the next gen. John Madden himself wanted the game as realistic as possible, and the license is for “Simulation Football.” I love Madden Football, I love playing Franchise mode, and I would honestly do just about anything to have a couple of hours with Madden Game Developers, or be able to give them a list of what the Community as a whole wants, expects, and absolutely deserves from one of the biggest video game companies in the world, and the sole owner of the Exclusive NFL Simulation License.
  • Madden is supposed to be about Simulation style football. Yet, EA for years has blatantly ignored Franchise Mode, the one true simulation mode. I certainly understand the constraints of complex things like uniform creation, and stadium creation and that these things require a lot more power and from a console to run effectively. However, what I do not understand is how simple basic common sense things are not incorporated into Franchise mode.

    #1: turn off player rating editing for online Franchise Mode. There is no reason to have the ability to edit attributes for a player in a simulation style game mode. it kinda defeats the purpose.

    #2: limit the position changes a player can make. This will help with people that try to change a QB to their Punter to pay them super cheap contract.

    ***side note: I get that you can check the actions log for an online league, but that is doing too much and way too much to keep track off. It is certainly more simple just to eliminate obvious ways that people use to finesse and cheat in the online franchise mode.

    #3: Bring back the mini camp and practice jerseys and shorts.

    #4: create more meaningful scouting for the upcoming draft process.

    #5: create off season training mode and rookie mini camps to help with player dev for lower OVR players.

    #6: fix the animation where the football on contested catches does bounce 100 feet into the air.

    #7: for the love of God, put it a real salary cap. The user should be able to negotiate how much money is made in each specific year of the contract. For example: Aaron Rogers contract is front loaded so that is can lower the impact on the back end of the contract. So a user should be able to play 40 million the first year of the contract and then pay 15 mill each of the next few years of the contract. This should be simple as all you are doing is coding a few math equations into the system to accomplish this.

    #8: make it so that the user can initiate contract negotiation, and receive compensatory picks for players that leave.

    #9: come up with some ways for players on the practice squad to develop a little faster.

    #10: instead of three, make it so that you could trade up to 5 players or draft picks. Make it harder to trade up for low draft picks for higher draft picks.

    #11: Make is so that you can immediately negotiate a contract with a with a free agent before signing him. instead of just making them all get standard one year deals.

    #12: Make it so that players can relocate a team immediate before starting the first season starts in the franchise.

    #13: Make all coaches a part of the fantasy draft process (that ways users in a league have to prioritize drafting coaches as well as players). Have coach experience have a more meaningful impact on rosters and team building.

    #14: put offensive and defensive coordinators to franchise mode.

    #15: place more "Leon Sandcastles" into the draft.
    These a few basic things that could be done that do not require a lot of work. the Madden community certainly deserves more that what was states above, custom uniform creation, and custom stadium creation. Take a page of GTA V notebook. if your going to generate billions of profit from micro transaction then you should re invest a good amount of that into your games. Especially if you are releasing titles every year.
  • @EA_KRAELO how does one check the 10k list for franchise?
  • Samop
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    Weather in franchise. Temperature, prediction pregame y option to weather in franchise personality. We want franchise with temperature adjustment, wind, rain, snow, etc.
  • JoeyCush
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    Unbelievable that nothing was added to Franchise. There is literally nothing in these "features" that should make anybody want to spend their money on Madden 21. EA signed an exclusivity extension for the simulation football video game. Correct me if im wrong here, but MUT is not simulation football, Franchise mode is simulation. So why the strangle hold on that exclusivity deal? So anybody that wants to play an NFL video game has to spend their money on Madden, thats the only reason.

    Hey EA, fans of the NFL do not buy Madden because its a good football game, they buy it because its the ONLY NFL video game available.

    I posted this in February, my current wishlist for Madden 21. I would say its now for Madden 22 but more realistically, its not for that either.

    Starting with Off season,
    - More realistic contract offers. Free agency is always overpaying for players. I want to see more realistic deals for guys as well as battles for players. I would like to see veteran players sign with teams with better records, in hope to chase that championship.

    - Make the NFL Draft three days long. Use the current schedule; Day 1 Rd 1, Day 2 Rd 2-3 and Day 3 Rd 4-7. After each day there could be a recap of the players selected and you can get a chance to see who went where and decide if you want to trade up the next day.

    - More realistic drafting. While I think the formula should be best player available, if a team just drafted a QB the year before, they really shouldnt be drafting a QB again the following year.

    - Revamp the scouting completely. Points are meaningless because by round 4, you rarely have any players scouted and dont know anything about them.

    - Training camp and practices in general need an overhaul. Have players in shorts and practice jerseys doing 7v7 with no tackling. QBs in red jerseys and nobody can touch them.

    - Every week get a breakdown of your opponents strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own and how they match up. From there you can put together a game plan and put in more or less of plays that YOU think will help you win. Have certain 3rd and long plays as well as goal line. You can either choose to follow your game plan or go full playbook depending on how that weeks game is going.

    - Pre Season games need to be different than regular season. We should be able to set a 1st, 2nd and 3rd team depth chart and be able to switch over to the next without manually having to change every position.

    - If you continue with franchise, have real schedules. I hate playing just one year after the current season and as the Giants, I close the season out against like Green Bay. It is supposed to be division games. All they need to do is just copy the last 4 schedules per team and repeat them every 4 years. I wouldnt mind playing the same schedule every four years because at least its a legit schedule.

    - Game play, Id like to see weather games actually matter. Sloppy play, dropped passes, players slipping making cuts, maybe even give the home team a slight advantage because they are home and are used to it. Even in rainy games have the WRs and HBs ditch the gloves.

    - Give me back full control of the player I'm usering. If I'm playing safety and his zone is deep half and I decide Im going to blitz, so be it let me without any hesitation. Whatever the reason is, Madden today feels too much like you dont have control of your player and the computer is going to force you to do something you dont want to do.

    - For division games, a recap of the first meeting earlier in the year would be sick. Dont even need highlights, just the graphic showing score, pass yards, rush yards, turnovers ETC. Makes division games have a slight different feel to it, making division games a bigger deal is a huge thing to me. Maybe even add the teams record under their icon on the scoreboard?

    - Player intros in the beginning need to go. I dont need to see offensive lineman dancing. A picture of the starting players heads will do more than enough because thats literally what they do in the NFL.

    - I would love to see a chemistry rating or a boost in positional ratings for keeping a unit together. Say putting an emphasis on keeping an OL together for a few years, that group should receive boosts and play more as a unit as opposed to a team that constantly has a turnover at that position. That adds to team building and not just signing free agents every year.

    -Lastly, make the Super Bowl matter. Change the feel of that game up. Have cool pre game highlights and even a panel of people predicting the winner. Also, can they please start keeping track of who won the Super Bowl? If you want to go deep into franchise (Which they give you zero reason to do so) knowing who won the Super Bowl each year would be a nice touch.
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  • No one wants this CRAP. Snoop Dogg? Voice actors? Do you think we watch the Bachelor?
    I don't need drama, I need ball physics so I can throw a DAMN FADE to the back of the endzone!!!!!
  • > @HolyCross30 said:
    > (Quote)
    > I don’t want those things either and definitely want franchise mode fix it’s all I play. I was giving a beta code first thing I did was throw a fade in the end zone to Julio Jone and it was beautiful stoped jumped over defender grab ball at the high point. The replay was even better. So so far this was good to see. But unless they fix franchise means very little to me.

    At least they got that down. All they have to do is emulate Madden 2005 with Franchise and add half of it this year and half next season
  • KMooneyJr
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    Hard pass of this piece of trash game. It is difficult to explain how much of a disappointment EA Games is as a whole. The lack of improvements to franchise mode and the relabeling of "Classic" is a slap in the face to franchise players. Between this and the lack of connectivity in EA sports titles...I simply do not want to give this company anymore of my money. I am tired of being frustrated with something that should be fun.
  • Great...Sim City..awesome..
  • Sad that franchise improvements sound tantamount to updates.
  • Only way To stop this is to simply not buy the game. Problem is All the MUT addicts will always buy it and keep micro transaction purchasing too. EA has forsaken the franchise population and it’s unacceptable.
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