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True Coach Mode

Has it been mentioned if there is a "true" Coach mode this year? I believe you still have to control a player on defense and still do the kicking even though you select "Coach". It defeats the purpose of coach mode to have to control players. Has this been fixed finally?


  • Just looking at how little improvement that franchise mode received this year, I would be shocked if true coach mode is back.
  • True. I'm hoping we don't have to control a player anymore on 'coach' mode. Right now, it's not a "true" coach mode like they have in NHL 20.
  • True Coach Mode....I agree, I don’t understand why EA can’t understand what that means.
    You call plays ..you handle personal ect. Why does EA have a Coach Mode where you “must” use controller to kick...or then on defense you have to use controller to joy stick around a player....also what happened to the simple step to “move the controller to the middle” to watch Cpu vs Cpu play out a league game ..?

    Not asking to take anything out of the game that is already there for those who play competitive or arcade with the controller- but why TAKE away Coach Mode?
  • The other thing is the whole “face editor create a player “ feature that they put in game ...but it can’t be used in Franchise...really? Why....? If you create teams players as we do here this would be amazing..instead we got 8 to 12 generic faces....A little imagination please...!!!!
  • mprice75
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    PLEASE ADD TRUE COACH MODE...We want the ability to call plays but allow the CPU full control, even kicking. This would be amazing. Allow the coach to train and prepare team for the next opponent. Allow online franchise mode.
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