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name change of teams - very disappointed

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Wanted to ask everyone who plays Madden 17- what they thought about the name change of the teams? The Washington redskins are one of my teams I enjoy playing with on this game. I got an update yesterday that they dropped the Washington redskins from my play teams and they are changing their name and a new team name will be added next week. Very disappointed in this, as this is a 2017 game, and at this time they redskins, were still the redskins. So why are they changing the name on the games, even though the redskins haven't legally changed their name? I could see if this madden game was madden 20 or madden 21- then they could possibly change the name, wouldn't be happy, but would understand with all that is going on in this world. Wanted to ask everyone what they thought about this name changes and if enough people report this to the ea forum, maybe they will return the teams back to their original names.


  • chewy680
    posts New member
    Disappointed that they are changing the team names on the madden nfl games. Why is this being done before the teams legally are changing their names ?
    love the Washington redskins, and the ea forum, is dropping this team, and adding another team in instead due to an automatic update on my game. WAs wondering what everyone else thought do to this?
    Maybe if enough people speak up, they won't change the games or team names before anything is done legally.
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