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O-Linemen X-Factors

I played the beta for a couple of hours last weekend and I was really surprised that X-Factors for offensive linemen were not implemented. The new pass rush control is great and all but it seems like it will be the new meta for Madden 21. Couldn't we have X-Factors that activate after not allowing pressures or hits and then reward the lineman with guaranteed pancake blocks or increased effectiveness against a certain pass rush move based on their skillset (this could also be a superstar ability)? The X-Factor could disactivate after the lineman allows a hit, pressure, or sack. I just think that the battle of the trenches is so important in the game of football and you guys are kind of neglecting the offensive line.


  • Well I have hope that they will add some x factors to the o line. I think the game is still a work in progress.
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    @MallardDuck1142 @The-Sporty-Hero

    I like your idea of automatic pancakes for the the O-line! The team will be going into more depth on X-Factor and Superstar abilities as we get closer to the official launch, stay tuned.
  • So just to clarify there will be no Superstar X-Factors for offensive linemen? That's what the official release says; there are only superstar abilities listed. And an additional question: is there a chance we will be able to play as a lineman in player career mode? Is there any plan to implement that? I know many players would be interested in that. Would appreciate a response!
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    @MallardDuck1142 I'll try to find an answer for you as soon as possible.
  • Thank you!
  • Yeah, the fact everyone but O-line, Kickers, and Punters have an X-factoer is so stupid. There's no reason every si gle position shouldn't have one. It's not fair when D-line has them, and ppl can use those abilities to easily get through the O-line. A lot of these guys r hard enough to stop on defense as it is, let alone when they have their X. No matter double teamed, or if ur O-line is solid, they just get killed.
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    Nothing mentioned about linemen, but just a heads up that there are details on Superstar X-Factor players dropping.

    Details can be found at the official site: https://www.ea.com/games/madden-nfl/madden-nfl-21/superstar-x-factor/players
  • Of course there's no O-line X-factors, it's not even a thing according to anyone at EA. As if some of the D isn't OP enough as it is, the X-factors made it worse. O-line can't stop anyone rushing on D when their X-factor abilities r on. Yet they can't even get their own X-factor abilities, that's a joke.
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