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OVR changes in some games

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Why is it that deion, for example (96) will sometimes be an 84? Playing squads, i go to check lineup and my 96 is an 84???? Anyone know why this happens and care to explain it to me please?


  • does it happen in squads only? in squads your lineup is only shown in either offense or defense since your teammate's lineup is used for the other formation. in this case, my explanation would be that your squad teammate has a deion sanders 84-nfl 100 item in his lineup and his defense is used in your squad (ammended by your offense).
  • mrmulldog
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    Yes. Squads only. Im not sure i follow what youre saying though. It happens with my defense when im the defensive captain. All my players, but some with lower ovr
  • hm, in this case it should not happen. but one more thought that came up in my mind is that Deion Sanders is often used as KR and or PR. not sure how this works for squads but in principle only one version of a player is allowed in lineups. so if you play duo squads (maybe the same holds for 3-player-squads but I have to say I never player that) I could imagine that special teams (or at least KR and or PR?) are based on the player who is captain of the offense. maybe your teammate uses the 84-nfl 100 item on special teams, and this overrides your CB item on defense.

    no idea if that's true but it would be my guess...
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